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Important Life Lesson.

Check carefully when signing up to a trial that you have the right one for your region and are not signing up on the american servers when you wont be able to use your box from europe to upgrade to the full game.

If this mistake is made, you will lose happy hours of game play and loved characters.


I will miss you my lovely little firefoot server american characters.
I nearly want to upgrade my account with an america key just to keep you. However I do know I can remake you with a european trial and then I can play with my friends.

Update: I have heard from the eu players that the american game can be bought for 9.99, the subscription is cheaper and the support is better. I think ill just buy the US version too and keep the eu one in case that I want to play with any eu folks. I’ll drag my trialing friends stateside.

Update: Looks like they will not let eu people buy it. So that plan is moot. Drat, I’ll miss the characters and the much better turbine website.


When you catch a pet they have random bonus’s and personality. So catching a bright pet is random.

You cannot capture a monster as a pet when its level is higher then your character’s. This is common to many games (ex wow, pokemon) so it should not be a common mistake.

Select a monster that you like and attack it. When target’s Health reduces to a certain degree, the pouch icon on the right on the target’s info pad will blink, then you can use the items to try to capture the target.

Pet nets used for catching monsters can be bought from Verni the Trapper. They cost 20 silver each.

1. Select target you want to trap by left clicking it.
2. Attack your target, knocking its health down until the yellow bag next to its name starts to blink
3. Open inventory right click your “Pet Net”.
4. “Pet Net” will be used. If the monster’s health is low and your level is high enough, you will obtain a new pet.After pet has been captured an egg will appear in your inventory.
A pet capture may take several attempts, so take several nets.

When you have the egg, have the pet identified by using a mirror of true form.


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In Pokai City, standing near Verni the Trapper you can go to a Pet Egg Dealer. Go to her trade list and you’ll be presented with several pet eggs to choose from.

Reference: Pet Catching.
Reference: Pet Guide

Leveling in Atlantica Online is pretty quick. The zones are also rather pretty. I spent some time over the weekend getting new equipment and questing. I got some new armour for my character and I am happy with her new look.

Since I am still low level I do not run out of stamina in a day. At higher levels I hear this can happen. To explain for each battle you fight, you lose one stamina. When you are out of stamina you can not fight and are finished for the day.

You can get stamina back by giving gifts. As a new player I still get some random gifts from kind strangers who are trying to get stamina back. The items are very small for them but very useful to the begininer.

The max level for the game at the moment I think is 100, but korea has a higher max level of 120 I think. Your team can be higher level than you but you all cap out at the same level in the end.

I was invited to join a free league a few times but did not want too (free leagues are like battlegrounds, you are matched by level).

There has been some talk over where the wow gamers in china should go until its back up and running. I have heard while most are going to Aion, some are also going to Atlantica Online. This is another sign of this games growing popularity and reputation for fun.

I play on the 6th server Dephi if anyone would like to say hello. This character is called Mor (‘great’ in irish, old girls name).

wings-perfect world

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Was flying around in my little cleric in Perfect World of the weekend.
I wanted to try the new genies. You can get the genie at level 1 from the watcher of earth.

The genie will level with you all the way to the current level cap of 105. As this character is a cleric either of the two popular genies will suit the character. The two most popular are Zeal (orange/yellow, starts with 15 MAG) and Discipline (white, starts with 15 VIT).

Depending on where you fighting and what class you are some of the skills change. Some attacks for example can only be used on the ground or in water.

To explain some mobs in Perfect world are in the air, some are in water and many are on the grounds. So whichever you pick there will be times some skills can not be used.

If you want another Genie you can buy one from the player shops or spend 3 mirage stones and select the “Summon Genie” option at the Watcher of the Earth NPC.

Reference that I found helpful.
Genie FAQ

Free Realms Insider has talked about the new jobs that are due to be released in July.

Apparently we should expect a Pro Racer job in the next update. Also likely is a Soccer Player job and the first “Prestige Class” job called a Mechanic.

Prestige Classes are Jobs that are allowed when a player has a certain job already to 20. Or several jobs to 20.

Now would be a good time pick up the racer jobs if you have not done so.

Reference: E3 2009: Racing updates zoom into Free Realms

Ether Saga adds some new daily quests. Its also released a new dungeon a short while ago.

Luna Online releases some new costumes. They look very nice.

Perfect world has some new mounts out for a short time

Rohan has a new crafting system. I just wish they were clearer about where to go next with their quests.

Grizzleheim is on its way to wizard 101 and is on the test realms.

Atlantica Online “June Weekend Jamboree” is still on.

I still do not want to go back to warcraft, even with the midsummer festival on.

I have noticed in Lotro that their own summer festival is on, which I had not known about. On the trial I can not get mail, so the festival mail is not accessiable. I also do not know where to go as a new player.

Apparently some will be trying for a litha pony. However as I will not be level 35 I think thats more for another year.

I have take a look at the festival guide on the lotro site but I can not say I understand how to get there.

I like festivals in game, but I find that if I am new to the game, or casual with the game they can be hard to find and to know what to do for.

I have taken part in some of the runes of magic festivals. They were reasonable accessible but a bit grindy and not so fun. Repeatedly opening barrels, or killing mobs for drops gets dull.

I had picked up the full game for this cheaply, so I am taking the trial first.

I got to say its fun. Its very very fun. The introduction’s are very engaging. I’m reminded of the warhammer dwarf starting area. You really feel like your part of the story. I’d recommend downloading the trial and taking a look, you will see what I mean.

The graphics are not very good, I’d say a lot of free to play games look better, however the fun is very high. The character models also are not very good. The elves seem more like hobbits, as do the humans. The hobbit women seem more like dwarf women which are not in the game.

The clothes on the characters look very funny but they look a lot like real clothes and are not embarassing or dumb. Lotro has been called the land of the silly hats and my friends agree. I love the silly hats though, they amuse me to no end.

I have played the elf and human starting area and created a hobbit. I won’t try the dwarf area as I don’t play male characters usually.

The classes are interesting. Minstel is my favorite so far. You can play notes by pressing the number keys on your keyboard after typing /music and return. The attacks also make musical sounds.
You can also learn new instruments which is nice. I started with a lute.


The Wizard 101 bosses have been made tougher.

I’m confused by this move, as I already found them pretty tough (though I haven’t grouped in a boss dungeon yet).

I thought Wizard 101 was a casual game, though I suppose casual and easy are not the same thing. Maybe all the 10 year olds are doing way way better than me.

I have a little fire wizard and a death one along side the little life wizard now (must take more pictures). I still enjoy jumping in and doing a mini game or a card battle.


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It appears like they decided to go with the name guilds and drop the name clubs. Either way guilds are now live.

You can set one up once you have a job at level 15 or higher. There are some npcs around talking about guilds and explaining them however the news post is very good on the subject.

In the last update we also have a new batch of quests. It does not say on the notes if they are member only or normal. When I logged in I also saw a screen telling me about the new quests which was very nice.

According to the forums there was also an unannounced nerf to the sale value of ore and armour. A little sad to see as gold was already a bit tough to get but we will see what happens here.

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