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Apparently you can find the cash shop deal of the day by this method

if you select all items, sort it by details (instead of icon), scroll down to the bottom and thats where you’ll find it.

You can also see some of the previous days deals in this thread by chris30s.

There have been some complaints that the duration of the costumes from the haunted headstone has been reduced.

The explanation given was it was a bug for their duration to be that long (it used to be one hour).

The current duration is 5 minutes. There have been reports you can not click on the same headstone when that wears off. So the cooldown is longer than the costume length.

Please be aware of these changes before buying the item from the Cash shop.

I’m Referee Pear. ^_^

The Haunted Headstone will turn you and anyone who clicks on it into a skeleton for 5 minutes. The actual Haunted Headstone will stay in your inventory the same way the Party Crate or Mystery Cake does. You’ll be able to use the Haunted Headstone as many times as you want after each cool down period. The current description in the SC marketplace for this item is “This gravestone will allow you and your friends to do the haunting. Place this headstone on the ground and click it to turn into a skeleton.” You can buy the Haunted Headstone from the SC marketplace for 1000 SC or you can rent it for 7 days for 350 SC. Do you remember where you saw that the Haunted Headstone lasts for 1 hour?

Ghost Pets Pictures.

You can now buy them in the cash shop. They look really nice.

If you want to see the pets in the game, go visit the new pet place in Blackspore Swamp. These guys are listed as Member’s pets. I expect that to change later on.

I’m tempted but I have a cat already. I might end up getting a ghost dog too though.

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