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Ether Saga: How to catch a pet

Posted on: June 29, 2009

When you catch a pet they have random bonus’s and personality. So catching a bright pet is random.

You cannot capture a monster as a pet when its level is higher then your character’s. This is common to many games (ex wow, pokemon) so it should not be a common mistake.

Select a monster that you like and attack it. When target’s Health reduces to a certain degree, the pouch icon on the right on the target’s info pad will blink, then you can use the items to try to capture the target.

Pet nets used for catching monsters can be bought from Verni the Trapper. They cost 20 silver each.

1. Select target you want to trap by left clicking it.
2. Attack your target, knocking its health down until the yellow bag next to its name starts to blink
3. Open inventory right click your “Pet Net”.
4. “Pet Net” will be used. If the monster’s health is low and your level is high enough, you will obtain a new pet.After pet has been captured an egg will appear in your inventory.
A pet capture may take several attempts, so take several nets.

When you have the egg, have the pet identified by using a mirror of true form.


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In Pokai City, standing near Verni the Trapper you can go to a Pet Egg Dealer. Go to her trade list and you’ll be presented with several pet eggs to choose from.

Reference: Pet Catching.
Reference: Pet Guide

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thx man i been look for this answer all over yahoo,you tube,ehow,wikipedea evey where so thx u save me alot i mean alotof time

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