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Dominion 1.1.1 will be deployed this Thursday, January 28, 2010.

The deployment process will begin at 10:00 UTC and is expected to be completed at 12:00 UTC.

UTC is GMT which is UK time.

You can read the dominion 1.1.1 patch notes on the website. If you missed the previous patch notes for dominion 1.1 I have helpfully linked to them

If you play eve you can get a free ship this holiday season.

The zephyr is a holiday gift from CP “for pod pilots the universe over”.

Beginning Dec 18th 2009, you will find the ability to redeem it on your account login screen. You can then assign it to a particular character and the Intaki Syndicate will deliver it to your hangar bay. You will be able to redeem the holiday ship once per active (not trial) account and will no longer be available after Jan 6th 2010, so make sure you log in to receive yours.

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The new video for the next expansion in EVE.

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Work is still kicking me so I come home too tired to play.

Since the eve trial ran out I’ve had a 3v voucher with the money to subscribe on it, but I just haven’t as I’m too tired to play the game.

Instead I’ve been playing guild wars a little bit. Taking baby steps into this new ruined world. So far its interesting, not 100% sure what I should be doing but its interesting. Playing has involved doing two or three quests and running about killing mobs with a little party of npcs. I’ve not gone very far from the town.

In legends of zork, I have reached level 10 but it takes very little time to play and little energy so I’m not surprised.

In free realms, I have checked in on the news and wandered around it bit. Its the sort of game thats relaxing, I know I will be back playing it soon. Depending on how long this time at work lasts it might get the eve money and I’ll get a new 3v voucher for when I feel up for it again.

Uninstalled Dragonica a few days ago. Couldn’t get it to work. No idea what I was doing wrong but by now I’ve lost interest.

Crazy rough week so gaming time has been limited.

I have been playing Pokemon Platiumn and its fun. The last pokemon game I played was yellow (I had also played red and blue) but ended up getting the GBD for this.  Its a lot of fun.  Its good for small amounts, it works well when I’m traveling, its fun on a lunch break. I don’t know all the new pokemon so its fun to see them. The guide book is huge and very cool. Its the size of a phone box. One badge down, and a variety of pokemon being leveled.

Played a little bit of Free Realms. I’m mostly doing quests at the moment with some mini games for fun. I still have not managed to max out another job class.  There is already talk from E4 about the new jobs on the way and new minigames.  However I think the content they are releasing at the moment is enough to keep me amused.

Runes of Magic I haven’t logged into in a while. I like the game but I’ve been distracted by other games.

Eve, finished the trial today I think. Have not played it since monday. Its a lot of fun. I might subscribe for a month. I don’t really like the timed pick up of quests though. It does not work with my gaming < real life priorities.

Hating work at the moment, too much drama, too much hamburger management, not enough smart thinking about the job.

second shipOriginally uploaded by warhammermer

So far I am having fun in EVE. I have heard terrible things about its barriers to entry, that its really complex, easy to die and difficult to make your way around. I have not really found that.

Saying that I followed the tutorials, stayed in safe space and set my computer to avoid any areas with recent pod killing. I know if I wandered into dangerous space (0.5 or less) I’d probably be podded already, but no one seems to mind my mining in safe space.

I love the mining, its easier to do that in Taikodom, in fact the whole game is more polished (sorry Taikodom I still like you). I pick the astroid belt from the menu, jump to it, click on an astroid, lock onto it (it then appears near the top of the screen) set my mining laser on (click on it) and it fills up my little ship with ore. I only wish that the asteroids re-spawned quickly. As it is, its easy to go to an astroid belt with nothing in it 😦

I have been doing quests for two of the agents you are sent to after the tutorial and have been given 3 ships already. I disliked the timing on the quests as the game is slow paced as a beginner. I know what they are trying to do, but timing is not for me. If you agree to do a quest you have a week or so to do it in, however if you do not do it an a certain number of hours you lose your bonus. I saw one rookie lose their bonus due to all the asteroids been already mined and gone.

The rookie channel is very helpful and nice, I am reminded of the 1-9 channel in Everquest2. Its a great idea and very helpful. Some more experienced players chat in different colours and are there to help you. They pointed us to a few resources and answered our baby deer questions.

I did see however one poor rookie shouting for help as they were killed, and a few questions about how long they have to get back to their ship and if npcs would blow up their pods. I’ve pvped in games with almost full loot before so I’ll have to nerve myself up to not mind dieing.
I’ve already been told that if I sign up while still on my trail I will get the extra days added to my account. Thats very nice but I want to see if I love the game enough to sign up. I don’t want another game like wow that I don’t play but am paying for. I have also been told to go for a cruiser, apparently I can train and save everything I need in about 8 days. So I will try for that and see if I make it before trial or interest wanes.

For those who have not played in a while, you will like the skill queues, they are new from when my friends played and let you schedule up to 24 hours worth of training. For newbies like me you will want a full queue as there is so much to learn. You will also want to go to the market and buy industry 1 and learning 1.

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