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Write to the Fallen Earth developers.
Summer camp in free realms.

Battle of the immortals beta.
Ninja fashion in perfect world.

Lotro goes free to play.
(Because I like it as it is now and I bought the lifetime not long ago)

Perfect world has had some updates and are also giving extra XP.

Double EXP Event!

Summer is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate than with a double EXP event? For the last 2 weeks of May, that’s exactly what we’re going to do!
2x EXP, 2x Spirit, and 2x Items during the dates of May 18, 2010 01:00AM PDT until June 1, 2010 01:00AM PDT. Don’t miss out!

Perfect world has a spring break event from from March 24th at 1:00am Server Time until April 14th at 1:00am Server Time!

2x EXP, 2x Drops, and 2x Spirit!

Whoo hoo. Must make the time to play my barbarian and fly around a bit on my cleric.

Check out the published entries for the fashion competition. Very nice work.

When and where?

This event will occur on Friday, February 26th at 11AM Pacific (2PM Eastern) on Raging Tide server, and at 3PM Pacific on Heaven’s Tear server.

Check if your character level matches a rally point and make sure you go to that one when the gm announces it.

Perfect World has a competition where you can win zen, fashion items and wardrobe stones!

Project Fashion is a clothing design contest– the designer must create at least one article of clothing
(headwear, torso-wear, legwear, or footwear) to be judged against all other entries.

The top five entries for each gender will win one Wardrobe Stone as well as one entire fashion set (headwear, top, bottom, and shoes) of their choice from the Boutique!

Out of these ten winners, two (one male, one female) will be selected via forum poll, and the two designers will each win the Grand Prize of 10,000 ZEN!

Most excitingly, the best entries also have a chance of becoming actual fashion items in-game!

Who do I send it too?
Entries to pwi-events@perfectworldinc.com

When is it due?
March 19th, 2010 at 6:00PM Pacific.

Make sure you read the rules

Fashion can be drawn or photoshopped.
Images must be in JPG, PNG, BMP, or GIF format only.
Fashion cannot use any copyrighted materials.
Players can send in as many entries as they wish.
Upon submitting your design, it becomes property of Perfect World Entertainment, and may be used by the design team of Perfect World International.

There is now some head fashions you can use (unless your a barbarian).

I’m not that interested myself. However my favorite character is my barbarian. Now if I could have shades for my barbarian, that would be cool.

The Bounty Hunter Rewards have been buffed in the most recent patch apparently. The information for 40+ characters are below. The information for 100+ can be seen on the website.

Level 40-99 Rewards
1st Completion Reward
1x Bounty Order #1 (Allows bearer to acquire an additional Bounty Hunter quest that day)
Experience and Spirit

2nd Completion Reward
1x Bounty Order #2 (Allows bearer to acquire a third Bounty Hunter quest that day)
Experience and Spirit
3rd Completion Reward
Experience and Spirit

6 new fashions are out. You can look at them on the perfect world internation news page. You can buy them in the Cash shop to hide how your gear looks.

The ladies sets :
The Leopard set, The Icelace set, The Maiden set, The Magician set

The mens sets:

The Designer set, The Noble set.

Perfect World International has a blog. I really like this as I know I will like hearing about the gms/community managers and hearing about the games.

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