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Some new patch notes out.

The funniest note was

After careful consideration, and much consultation with Medusa, Psimon has come to the conclusion that it would be better tactics for him to use his power, Reflective Psionic Shield, to protect HIMSELF, rather than his enemies. As an act of cross – villain good will, he has passed this idea on to the VIPER Psionic Directors.

Ran Online have made a comic guide to the game.

It doesn’t say much to your standard girl gang member, but its nice atmospheric art and worth a look.

The crimson butterfly will ride again, with a baseball bat 😀

Also they have a guide for newbies that have in game pictures.

I may have got an invitation to this closed beta, KOS secret operations due to playing Rohan.

K.O.S. – Secret Operations is a free-to-play massively multiplayer first person shooter game for your PC.

However I am not very into first person shooters, so I do not see myself playing this one.

Check out the Patch Notes Sept 29 v1.0.9.

The Fallen Earth team seem to be hard at work improving performance and removing bugs.

I haven’t bought this game yet (though I have considered it) as my play time is limited at the moment and work/life is very busy. However I’m still eyeing this game for a winter purchase.

Mondes Persistants has interviewed Chris Lye.

Map travel:
“One of the key characteristics of Guild Wars 2 will be the Asura gates, which will be portals that players can use to travel from place to place. These gates will be used to link the different areas of Tyria together and will make map travel possible.”

“The dragons play an enormous role in the story of Guild Wars 2–they are the ultimate enemy, the primal (?) forces of nature. We can’t really talk about the role they will play in PvP for the time being, but the dragons spread their shadow over the whole universe of Guild Wars.”

We haven’t made any announcements about the level cap in Guild Wars 2, aside from the fact that it will be higher than 20

The interview can be read in English and french.

The new volunteer game guides have been announced. The guides can be recognized via the Hoot Hoot Siren above their head.

Also take a look at the permanent chef and firefighter outfits.

New Final Fantasy XI mini expansion is coming out. Check out the video A Shantotto Ascension.

Playing this week

  • Guild Wars
  • Disgaia 3