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I have been reading about elves and men.

I picked up my new horses yesterday and spent the day travelling and collecting ore and wood.

I collected enough barrow-iron to no longer need that level of ore, so any from now on is just for profit. I need the money too after spending so much this week.

I also did two quests in the hedge maze, rescuing a group of elves and one to just try the maze.

I really enjoy travelling through the game. The scenery is beautiful.

There was a buzz on the server last night after the patch with a few more than usual online.

I also picked up the bard discount on all my alt’s.

I had a lot of fun in free realms over the last year. The birthday party was fun too. I love free realms special events.

I have fought some of the Cakenstein fights in Merry Vale and the Cakenstein Attacks just south of the Sanctuary Warpstone. I found out why cakenstein is roaming around the place.

The fight in Merry Vale gives birthday t-shirts and other birthday prizes. You can do it very easily once your past level 5 in a combat job. If your level 5 in that job its a bit harder but still easy to win. Each job gives different prizes.

The fight south of Sanctuary gives the birthday weapons. I have the sword on my ninja and its very nice for damage and looks cute.

I got my members pack with the Balloon Flair shard and Purple Balloon Hat! I wore the Balloon hat to the party yesterday and then swapped to the beta hat.

The different cakes and fireworks and music was very fun to try out. The people dresses as bosses were funny to see.

Many games advertise that as a feature?

No more mounted combat.
That’s it.
Course, it’s never that simple. My gut reaction is “WTF? I’m going to be hopping on and off my damn horse every time I have a fight?!”

Happy Birthday Free realms! Free realms is one year old today.

You can go to the all day party!

Thursday April 29th, 2010
The party starts at
9:00am Pacific Time / 4:00pm GMT

The information is on the Megaten forum and its for the arrival of Nocturne

In celebration of the arrival of Nocturne, the end of Bad Act 2, and the Tiered Leveling Event, we’re hosting TWO DAYS OF LEVELING BONUSES! Get in the game and level fast-don’t let the opportunity for DOUBLE or even TRIPLE experience with NO PENALTY go by!

WHEN: Thursday (4/29)-Saturday(5/1)

3pm PDT (Thurs) 10am PDT (Fri):
2x Expertise
No Death Penalty
10am PDT (Fri) 2pm PDT (Fri):
3x Experience
3x Expertise
No Death Penalty
2pm PDT (Fri) 10am PDT (Sat):
2x Experience
2x Expertise
No Death Penalty

You can read the patch notes in lotro life.

Also log in today for this (for europe)

The Writ of Virtue: This special scroll will show the Bards that you know the value of revelry and celebration! The Writ grants a passive skill that gives you a 20 percent discount with Bards all across Middle-earth. Starting on April 21st and running throughout the celebration, we’re giving all current, new and returning subscribers a special gift: the Writ of Virtue, a reward for loyalty and a steadfast heart. But you have to come to the party to get your gift; make sure to log into the game between April 21 and June 30th for this token of our appreciation. Note: You must have space available in your Character’s inventory for the writ to be granted. Please confirm that you have free space (more than one slot is recommended)available before you log out on Tuesday April 20.

I hope I did not miss it anyway as I was busy all day yesterday. It does not sound like it though. *fingers crossed*

Update: I got the date wrong, codemaster patch is out on thursday 29/april


Be sure to log in today!

I finished Odenville and have headed to Embry Crossroad taking the scenic route.

I didn’t do many quests in Embry when I went there for the vehicle parts quest. So it will take me a while to clear it out.

I like the atmosphere of the game. I like my new dog. I like wandering about and I enjoy shooting them with my air gun. I think I am becoming a bit tired of sector one, but there is still a lot more to see here so I am going to be here a good while yet.

Happy 3rd Anniversary to Lotro!


Bonus xp weekend

Greetings Norrathians! Sharpen your swords and repair that armor. There will be bonus AA, tradeskill and adventure experience this weekend starting at 3:00pm PDT on Friday, April 23rd until 11:59pm Sunday, April 25th. Happy adventuring!

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