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Planned for a beta launch on August 17th is a version of EQ2 gone free to play.

It will have its own server and many limitations compared to the full game.

Check out out these answers to questions on the membership matrix.

I like this idea as I did not get the time to play to sub to the full game even though I liked it. I can see myself resubbing to the full game even with this out if I got the time for it again. However this might let me try the game, and understand the game a bit better for when that occurs.

To be honest though, if you think you will really love eq2, I would not bother with this.

It has its own server, but its really limited compared to the p2p version. Less classes, no support, less races, less content, less spell tiers (so harder game), less bags etc etc. I’m not sure how fun or enjoyable the cut down version will be.

EQ2 isnt a easy game, nor one thats quick to learn, with all the restrictions, it might make something tough to get into, a complete turn off.

Many games advertise that as a feature?

No more mounted combat.
That’s it.
Course, it’s never that simple. My gut reaction is “WTF? I’m going to be hopping on and off my damn horse every time I have a fight?!”

Bonus xp weekend

Greetings Norrathians! Sharpen your swords and repair that armor. There will be bonus AA, tradeskill and adventure experience this weekend starting at 3:00pm PDT on Friday, April 23rd until 11:59pm Sunday, April 25th. Happy adventuring!

EQ2 said on their facebook page and on the EQ2 website

Bonus experience of all kinds!! Friday Feb 12th at 3pm PST until Monday Feb 15th at 11:59pm PST!

My Kerran in Gorowyn was doing the city rep quests to buy items for her Inn house. Not too difficult and easy xps. I bought the scroll stand which looks nice and the basket of raspberries.

I also claimed some of the pets that I get for free from having some of the expansions. I did the same on my fae so the pets are walking around my inn rooms now.

I finished a city collection (so many purple collectibles around i was vendoring them) also. Apparently when the city festival is in town more of them spawn. its good for low level money as each sell for about a silver to a vendor, or you can sell them in the auction house for more. I put 4 in the auction house for sale (I only have one bag there yet) and vendored the rest.

I get lost pretty often in Gorowyn, and I don’t find it super easy to kill mobs but I think I am begining to get comfortable with the game. I’m a lot less lost with the guild.

EQ2 is a very complex game, its taking a while to learn to walk the walk. I am begining to learn a bit about the queen of qeynos (the false queen) and the now defeated overlord Lucan D’lere.

One of my characters (Kerran) is in Gorowyn (“nice place to start off but you dont want to live there” -guildy). I just found out recently that good characters can visit it even though its an evil city.

My other character is in Kelethin and is a fae. Its a good city. Apparently the merchants will not talk to evil characters but they can walk around everywhere but the court. I accidently already found its betrayal quest, but I don’t want to betray so I am ignoring the quest giver.

My guild is helping me a lot with learning how to play the game and be less lost. They are super.

You can check out the list of City Festival Reward Items reward items on zam.

Currently its in the city of Gorowyn (feb 1-7) in the Timorous Deep. I have a toon there so I will take a look.

In lotro I have talked two friends into trying the 14 day trial. One has logged in and enjoyed it despite not expecting to. The other has just got it installed and is yet to log in.

I am also slowly decorating my premium house that I bought and swapping between doing the holiday quests for gifts and leveling. My minstrel is current 28 and I’m on the bugged (for me anyway) solo reclaiming weathertop awaiting gm help.

My guild in lotro has been recruiting so there are some around my level which is handy for grouping up a bit. It makes me want to play this a bit more to keep up with them.

In fallen earth, I have mostly been gathering and crafting. My toon now has a spiffy jacket from crafting, 3d shades from a drop, and a belt via crafting. I’ve also found that the community seems to have gone downhill a bit from the beta. I like the starter free horse, even if it moves terribly, not as nice as lotros.

I’m also thinking of looking for a casual clan to get more pointers about how to play, what I should do and shouldn’t do.

In eq2 I found I forgot how to play the assassin (level 14), and have been wandering around as a pixie?/fairy warden (level 10 now). I found their capital city and wandered into the holiday event but didn’t really know what to do. I also found the inn rooms and bought one.
Its been interesting exploring this game more since it was 2.50e

When I logged into perfect world last I was talking to my guild. Said hi and caught up on the news. The rush to try out the new classes has died down and people are returning to their favorites (including me) and my barb has wandered up to level 21. I also finished the quests for the aged immortal so she can choose to die. Some of the gear I got for my FB19 is now being worn.

In guild wars I played a little. However I don’t ever really get the holiday events for this game. I’m not sure how to get the hats people talk about. I suppose if I spent more time for week playing I would, or at least would see the point of getting a guild.
The normal quest lines and missions are still interesting however I have died a few times from being overun.

In Wizard 101 I picked up the pet for my death wizard and gave the gold to my life wizard. I’m pretty happy with my life wizards dorm room right now. All the mounts running around is pretty cool when your in wizard city but the decorations for Christmas I thought could have been better. I also checked out the statue in the water. I’m in a new area but have mostly got quests where you have to keep killing mobs until you get a drop, which annoys me. Still I find this game mini fun and like the voicework.

EverQuest 2 for E2.50 on steam? Very nice. I picked up one for me and one for a friend. 30 days play for that amount is a great deal.

LOTRO is the case study of what NOT to do when designing housing!

To be 100% honest she is right, eq2 housing blows lotro online housing out of the water.

What lotro has is a step up from games like wow, that doesn’t have housing, or runes of magic (where there is no free items for your house, so its a empty room with a chest), but miles behind EQ2 whose housing is a big draw into the game.

SWG’s housing also has a good rep, and was probably an inspiration to the fallen earth programmers when they were looking at adding social element to their game.

Wizard 101 also has a lovely housing system, you start with a free room and free items from quests or crafting and work your way up to amazing houses and items dropped from high level dungeons.

Free Realms, I really hope that you stole hugely from EQ2 (the videos suggest yes) when you designed your player housing.

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