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A very nice video of holiday images from Runes of Magic.

The art is also rather nice in their advent calender.

There is Christmas in pokari city. You can read the patch notes on the forum.

Very important!!! They have reset your attributes and affinites randomly.

– New Attribute/Affinity system. Attributes and Affinities are now two different systems. Five points are awarded for each system at five level intervals. Wheel of Fortune can be used to reset either the Attributes or Affinities.
– All affinities have been reset. Players will have some points spent in random attributes.
– Players will have random points assigned to the new Attributes (or some points may even be ‘missing’). Talk to Wehn to receive a free Wheel of Fortune to reset your attributes if you do not like the assignment.

Go reset your Attributes/Affinities !!!

The new classes are out.

Advanced Classes have been added! Each class has two options for an advanced class for a total of 12 new classes! Level 75 and above players can talk to Ziola and take an Ethyr quest to begin your training. Upon successful completion of the training, you can choose which advanced class you will take. Advanced classes have the base skills of the basic class, as well as three new specialized skills. Players are also given level 75 Destiny Gear upon quest completion. You can change your advanced class at the respective class NPC.

There is a guide out on the yule festival from a casual stroll through mordor.

The winter clothing looks very nice. I logged in yesterday and got the holiday title. I failed repeatedly in the Glorious Beer-Fight ( i kept getting knocked out of the arena). I also collected some snow, ice and berries for the dwarves.

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