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The baking competition winners are in. The turtle cakes are well made. Tough to look at though as then you want cake.

The comic competition a while ago can be seen here, this is also the winner. Dog burgler

And a link to one of the comics

Slime attack

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The dragon Tarintus is the greatest threat the Blue Land has ever seen!

Thankfully, the mage Farouk has created a new device that may be able to seal the rift in the Dark Portal and trap Tarintus in the Distorted Crevice forever!

Farouk has sent his apprentice to Mont Blanc Port to test the device, but he needs the greatest heroes the Blue Land has to offer to protect his young apprentice and make sure he gets to the Dark Portal and back safely. The more successful the mission, the bigger the EXP boost the server will receive.

Sounds like fun. I’m not sure what level you need to be and how many friends are needed.

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Luna online have a
Blue Land Tour Guide Event

How to Participate:
Design a guided tour of the Blue Land that shows off all of the coolest locations in Lune Online. Prove you know the world of Luna better than anyone else with clear descriptions of your guided tour and plenty of screenshots. Post your vacation plans in this forum thread for your chance to win.

The player that designs the best tour will get to act as the Luna Online team’s tour guide, showing us around the Blue Land and guiding us on your very own tour of the world. You’ll also receive a permanent in-game Summer Tourist Costume signed by the GMs so you can fit in with all us tourists.

Only two days left to entry and its a nice prize.

In the thread there are some entries already up which are fun to read.

Just a reminder Saph mentioned

Back to School Event – A brand new event exclusive to our version of Luna Online is debuting with the major update! Collect backpacks from monsters for cool rewards, or stay in-game for hourly prizes! We’ll be spilling all the details once the event begins.

So its worth doing some leveling today for nice prizes. I just wish I had more bank space. Maybe I need to invest in some storage. However I have resisted so far. Currently gpotatoes are $10 for 1000 gPotatoes which is not too bad.

There is a great guide on the forums about how to make your level 50 angel wings.

You got 2 Wings to choose from, Angel Wings & Black Angel Wings.

You will need for both
Image Angel Wings Feather x3
Image Wool Cloth x40
Image Fairy’s Five Colored Skein of Thread x4

For Black wings you need “High Quality Opal x3”
For White wings you need “High Quality Sapphire x3”

The guide also explains what you need to make the ingredients and where they drop. Remember you need crafting to make the mats, so remember to practice your crafting.

The ingredients for this can also be farmed for sale, for those who do not want to collect all the ingredients.

LunaBR guide
Luna Online forum guide

Luna star of david

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Played some more of Luna online. I’m catching up to where I played to previously.

Found a little girls teddy bear, heard about the world and ran about.

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