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Ran Online is having some problems with the mixing of the Global players and the Vietnam players on the global server.

Some players have said

This server is made for vietnamese so you english speakers are just sharring this game to us so you must speak vietnamese and learn vietnamese to play this game. KS is normal so dont talk to GM and also if you speak english in our party we weill kick you. We vietnamese are friendly but you guys dont want to friend with us so just quit becus we dont care. We rules this game becus this is our server so if you got problem go to other ran game. just leave this server if you dont want couperate to us and we will be happy. 🙂

However it has been clarified that the game server is global. So any language is allowed. The GM have mentioned English is preferred, however other languages should be ok as well. In the European servers in other games I have been in mixed language guilds and they work quite well.

It is also clarified that KSing is illegal. KS being short for kill stealing. Its widely considered rude as well as being banned.

There is reports of players ignoring the GMs, and the Gms not having the power to punish them, however I would expect that to improve.

This guide is pretty good on etiquette.
Some of the rules are similar to any game of that type.

Luring is grabbing agro (threat, the monsters hate) and bringing into into an area for aoe (area of effect) attacks.

Its common in games like perfect world, ether saga, domo etc

Ifs considered rude to kill someones monster once they are luring it. In some games a monster does not grey out when the lured grabs its attention, so the kill stealer gets the experience and items. So manners become very important.

The rule against cursing, is not true for all guilds in all games. However its a common rule, most guilds know that it makes the players look bad and that younger games play the game too.

Plus it can get really annoying to hear someone swearing away or talking about rude things when you are playing. Its also considered rude to ignore or mute a guild mate, so these rules help avoid the need for this.

I’ve been the guilds where the gm would talk about bathroom breaks in a rude way, that gets very very old very fast.

Ran Online have made a comic guide to the game.

It doesn’t say much to your standard girl gang member, but its nice atmospheric art and worth a look.

The crimson butterfly will ride again, with a baseball bat 😀

Also they have a guide for newbies that have in game pictures.

Ran Online sounds quite different. Open beta starts September 23rd at 9:00 AM (GMT+9).

Its a beat em up MMORPG set in a high school/secondary school. I used to play one of these a few years ago on a console where one kid fought with a broom.

Please note

Players from Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan will not be able to access our services from Sep 9th.
We will implement a region based IP block and all the users from these countries will not be able to access Ran Global game server, website and forum.

If you try their open beta they have free gifts

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