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Apparently DDO is the number 3 game for 2009 for those who have fleed wow.

I not really surprised, its a good fun and original game. Read the comments section of the article. Its very good.

Good gear won’t make up for a lousy player. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got the sweetest gear, if you try to charge on in all the time you’re just going to get killed by traps. And without doing a little research and making sure you’ve got a good build, you’re going to run into some limits that no amount of grinding will be able to compensate for. And you don’t need a PhD to get a good build, just look around on the build forum and find one that seems to be good.


Some more news from turbine

Based on your feedback, we’re stepping away from the ‘Offer’ category for now. We’ll keep exploring alternate ways for players who want points to get them. We’ll also continue to innovate in pricing and accessibility because that’s who we are. As of today, the Offer Wall is coming down. We’ll collect all the feedback we’ve received over the last few days and will use it to guide future decisions.

This is of interest to anyone who used the wall before they found out about the security problems.

Finally, there was a lot of speculation about how information such as your username or e-mail address was being used by our commerce partners. Ultimately we chose to pass the e-mail address to our commerce partners in the URL to facilitate e-mailing receipts to players. It went no further than that. Neither PlaySpan nor Super Rewards passed the information on. It was stored in the user database only and not transmitted to any of the companies who advertised via Super Rewards. Players who visited the page did not expose any new information to PlaySpan (our in-game store provider) that they did not already have.

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Check out the ddo forums for risks before viewing the DDO offer page.

I am posting this below in case it is removed (however I am not including the links)

By simply VIEWING THE OFFER WALL, Turbine is passing them information about you! (DANGER WILL ROBINSON!)

1) Network traffic monitoring has indicated that by simply looking at the offer wall, Turbine sends the email address tied to your account as well as your DDO login account name UNENCRYPTED to the offer provider. Unfortunately, this is legal, but it could also lead to your DDO account being compromised.

2) I did the HTTP sniffing myself to confirm this and posted the results here: http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=242982

3) We have confirmation that SuperRewards (or an affiliate of theirs) is actively using this pre-passed information to send World of Warcraft account phishing scams. The contents of that email are in the link above.

If they ask you to install software, please be aware of what it does: (DANGER WILL ROBINSON!)

1) Harvests your browsing history and browser cookies to gather information about you, your online purchasing history, what sites you go to, etc. Be aware a site can store anything they want to in a cookie, and the software you install will have free reign to crack open those cookies to take a peek. And yes, there is potential for a poorly written site you purchased something from to store stuff like credit card information in a cookie, and yes, the spammers will be able to extract that CC number.

2) Scans/reads your email if you run a local email tool (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc). It can, it will, so don’t be surprised. Credit card numbers, social security numbers, anything you’ve ever put in an email is now fair game.

3) Before you’ve even installed the software, you’ve already agreed to let them sell and resell the information in any way shape or form without any restrictions. All the information collected is sold at a market value. Note, a social security number with matching address is worth about $5 to most of these guys. An active credit card number with address is worth about $15-20 depending on your spending limits and how long it goes unnoticed.

If they ask you to send a text message: (DANGER WILL ROBINSON!)

1) If you send that message, expect a charge on your next cell phone statement. This is how they make money, how they are able to pay Turbine, and how Turbine is able to give you free Turbine Points. You thought you sent a text, but you really just sent them $10. This scam is well known to be used by SuperRewards (information here – credit to Code).

2) Be forewarned that cell phone providers do not require you to confirm that you want to accept a monthly charge on your cell phone. Simply sending a text message to the correct number is implicit grounds for them to charge your cell phone EVERY MONTH with some bogus charge for no real services rendered.

3) Unless your mobile carrier happens to take pity on you, you WILL NOT be able to get out of past charges, though you can obviously cancel your “subscription”.

Please, if you value your privacy at all and don’t know exactly how the internals of all this stuff works, don’t do this. If you think you can outsmart these guys but don’t have any technical understanding of how this all works, you’re only fooling yourself and padding their wallets.

Further edits: to give you information on what is going on and how they’re making money.

From massively the latest news from turbine

Update: Turbine has since added an update post to their forums, giving further information about the program. The Offer Wall has been temporarily removed while Turbine investigates player concerns over email and username security.

If you checked the offer wall before this. I would advise scanning your pc for spyware or viruses and being very careful about what emails you open.


Update 3 has been out for a bit.
The Risia Ice Games look fun.

The Harbor
An ice skating rink is available at the base of the Lighthouse!
The ice jump begins at the top of the Harbor cliff behind the Harbormaster’s House!

House Phiarlan
An icy half-pipe is available at the back of the Bogwater Tavern!

Collect the floating white, blue, and purple ice coins and trade them with the powerful wizard, Jack Frostbite, for wondrous icy gifts, crafting recipe cards, and frosty ingredients for the Risian Eldritch Device at the Lighthouse! Jack can be found at the Bogwater half-pipe or by the Lighthouse ice rink helping to keep the ice cold!

Also they have a DDO Valentines Screenshot Contest. It runs from February 10th through February 21st. The prize is 500 Turbine Points.

Are you in the mood for love? Can you feel the romance all around you in the game? Then now is the perfect time to enter our DDO Valentines Screenshot Contest! Send us your Valentine-themed screenshots and a short description (100 words or less) , and you could win 500 Turbine Points! Entries will be accepted in the following categories…

Here are some tips for taking screenshots:
The number pad or right mouse button can be used to adjust the camera angle
F11 or CTRL-P takes your screenshot
Screenshots are stored in My Documents/Dungeons & Dragons Online
Alt-Z will remove the UI, and V will remove floaty names

DDO are preparing update 3.

You can read about it in the below two links.

Mmorpg.com preview
Tentonhammer preview

It will remove the leveling sigil system.

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DDO is giving some bonus XP for the holiday season. Which is very nice news if you intend to do some leveling.

Celebrate Festivult and ring in the New Year with bonus XP for all!

Starting today, December 17th, through Sunday January 3rd, all DDO Players will gain a 20% XP bonus in quests! This bonus stacks with Experience Elixirs! Happy Festivult!

I have not checked out Festivult at all yet. However I might take a look in during my days off.

What you need to do is to collect coins. Everyone can do this.

Throughout the holiday season, every treasure chest in the game has a chance of dropping “festival coins” in addition to the usual treasure! Whether the chest is in a free dungeon or an adventure pack, there is equal opportunity for coins! There are three types of coins: copper, silver, and gold. Copper is the most common festival coin, while gold is the most rare!

You can then hand them in for prizes.
Most of the prizes seem to be sweet and cookies and things.

There is also a chance at something better.

There is also a very small chance that the Festival Jester will give you an exceptional gift in exchange for your coins, but what those gifts might be you’ll just have to wait and see! Each gift does something special and we know you will love what our artificers and cooks have crafted for you this Festival Season!

They also have said that what things did last year, won’t be the same for this year.

DDO unlimited has some offers out for black friday.

The most popular will probably be the bags. If you don’t buy anything, now is a good time to buy some as they are cheaper.

20% off Huge Storage Bags
Stock up on your Storage! All Huge Collectible, Gem and Ingredient Storage Bags on sale now! Huge Bags are bound to character.

I don’t think I play the game enough to buy these at the moment. However some other games I play I would like to see this kind of offer in.


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