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My warrior/monk is level 18 and approaching Ascension. I was speaking to someone I knew who used to play it a lot back in the day.

He was giving me some tips for it.
-Don’t worry about leveling, it will level you to 20
-Only you will fight your double, so make sure your in order not your heros.
-Prepare your skills for it
-Prepare your gear for it
-Get a green weapon

He mentioned to pay to get myself a runner to the Droknar’s forge or make my own runner build for it as a warrior monk. There I can prepare good armor and do quests to help me beat my double.

From reading around I am not sure if its all as needed any more for warriors. However I might do the quests up to fighting my double while looking out for a green weapon and doing any skill quest I’ve missed.

If I do die while fighting my double I will have a clear cut to do list.

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Check out the patch notes

– New Event: A history event for Tomb Sweeping Day (Qingming Festival) will occur on April 5th. Talk to Pumpkin Farmer on April 5th to begin the event
– New Event: Search For the Puppy – The Traveling Monk is trying to research some mechanized puppies he’s seen recently. However, he needs your help to capture them. Talk to the monk to get a magical sensor that will point you in the general direction of the puppies. The magic of the sensor is drained after each use, so you’ll have to wait until it’s fully charged before it will locate the puppies. You’ll be rewarded with Event Tokens for completion. You can do this event once per day

Also Loonie has said

We are planning GM events for Easter

You can read a piece of lore on the sweet treat weekend on the guild wars wiki.

Easter, or Sweet Treat Weekend, is a special weekend event that coincides once a year over the real world Easter weekend. During the weekend, all slain PvE foes have a chance to drop either a Golden Egg or Chocolate Bunny.


Golden Egg, which contributes to the Treasure Hunter and Sweet Tooth titles, as well as grants a five minute increase to all attributes in PvE.
Chocolate Bunny, which gives a Sugar Jolt for five minutes, increasing speed by 50%, as well as increasing the Sweet Tooth title by two points per bunny.

Massively has a write up on patch 1.4 for fallen earth. Well worth a read.

Currently in game I think I have done most of the Oilville quests.

However I am also trying to level my crafting. I may need to move area to get enough copper and lead.

That’s right, this patch will bring an increased level cap of 50, six new instances, and 130 new missions to help you gain level 50. The Fallen Earth team has also added brand new crafting recipes, armor, weapons — as well as new creatures to use the weapons on.

Free Realms insider goes through the march members pack.

The update also finally brings in the March Member’s Pack, which includes a snake, a treasure chest, and 5000 coins!

I was reading about my minstrel and I found these helpful guides.

Lotro Info Minstrel Guide. Very nice section on traits and skills.

Minstrel survivability advise thread. “Stack morale first, will second, ICPR/fate third as was mentioned. Use melee mitigaiton virtues too, such as innocence…If her gear is about 10 levels lower than her current level, it’s time to upgrade.”

Lotro Minstrel Forums. Can be very useful. However you can’t post if your not in that region.

The Ettenmoors Minstrel: Builds and Strategies. A pvp guide for minstrels. Minstrel Tips for Minstrels is pretty useful too.


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