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FFXIV: Top 10 things you need to know

Posted on: October 28, 2010

1. You swap job by swapping weapon. Each job levels differently. Cap is 50. Crafting/Gathering jobs have a primary and secondary item. Buy both.

2. You can autorun by pressing R while already running
. Press tab in chat to open the set phrases dictonary
. Press – to open your menu

3. Levequests reset every 36 hours not every 24 hours. 8 Regional leves and 8 local leve’s. Same time of day for everyone. You take levequests in the first room your in. You start the combat ones when you are in the area it sends you too. Check your map for an area outside the city for your first combat levequest.

4. Everyone can teleport and return from the menu you get by pressing –
Dont waste those as they recharge slowly. You do not need to have gone to a place, if someone in your party has and is teleporting there. You get back 6 a day. The cost is going down in the next update.

5. That guy in the adventurers place gives all the early primary quests. Keep checking back with him. Do these quests because they give good money as well as the main story.

6. How to make a party. Choose “Party” from your main menu, then choose “Recruit”. Looking for a Party? Choose “Party” from your main menu, then choose “Search”.

7. How to speak to those in your linkshell? Enable the linkshell from the linkshell area of your menu. Type /linkshell what you want to say. Your own linkshell is given to you for free in the adventurers guild room when you speak to a npc.  Speak to everyone as quests do not show up.

8. Do I need a recipe to make something? No. However you should write down your recipes as you earn them in case you learn something thats not documented.

9. Where can I buy items? Target any player with a bag beside their name. Go into your – menu. Press browse. Also you can go to the market wards in the city. You dont need to be a certain level to use armor or weapons. However stick one around your level or repairs will be very expensive.

10. I’m tired of having to reset my skills. Check out these class macros. Edit them as you need to.


Some extras
How to craft.
Once you equip the tool in your main hand, you have the option in your menu to “Synthesize” You click on this, and you usually kneel down. You can then click on boxes which open to your inventory and it will let you select items to place in the boxes. Next click on Main Hand to start. Your goal is then to get the progress to 100% before the durability hits 0 via Standard, Rapid, and Bold Synthesis. Until you know how things works and do a little theory research, stick with Standard. For practice with free shards and items, it’s recommended to do some “Local Levequests” from the adventurers guild.

Crafting leve’s, I need to find someone for the materials?
Yes. With crafting leve’s most of the time you will have to go and pick up the materials required. Go to your Journal (in the – menu), drop down the menu and select Local Leve’s find the leve you are doing and then find out what NPC will give you the item within the quest text.

Once you have gone to pick the items up, they will NOT show up in your inventory. However, if you start to synthesis just select the top option “Requested Materials” and then select the leve you are doing. The materials will be put into the correct boxes. Just craft away after that until you complete all the required materials.

Is there a bank?
No. You will need to use a retainer. You will get one for free once you reach a certain point in the primary quests. You reach this point very quickly.
To summon the retainer you need to use a bell. There is usually a bell in the crafting area of cities.

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