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You can play for Champions Online for free next weekend. To do so go to the link. You can make a new trial or you seem able to reactive your old account.

The free promotional weekend will run from Friday, March 26, 2010 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific until Monday, March 29, 2010 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific.

You can read the 03/16/10 state of the game address.

It looks like the champions online producer is being changed?

Shannon Posniewski, or Poz on the forums, is taking over as Executive Producer on Champions Online as I move to other design responsibilities within Cryptic Studios. Shannon has been with Cryptic since back in the “City of” days, is Director of Game Programming, and has been serving as our lead programmer since before launch. He is an incredible force for getting things done and is tied into the technology of the game while having an earnest desire to work with the community and take Champions to the next level. He’s constantly on the forums, so rest assured he’s going to see what it is you’re looking for.

Wonder if they felt that Rekhan is needed on star trek online to do damage reduction there.

There is also a special offer on, 3 months for the price of 2. Not too bad.

For a limited time, you can elect to subscribe to a three-month recurring subscription to Champions Online for just $29.99 USD. That’s a $15 savings over the standard monthly rate! And, if you elect to continue playing after the 3-month promotion expires, you can continue using the recurring subscription at the reduced rate.

I had some fun in the game, so I may pick this up.

If your playing champions, thinking of playing champions or thinking of resubbing, there is a new state of the game article for you to read.

I thought it sounds like they are thinking of going the dnd or guild wars ways with the adventure packs here, however do they know that people only buy those in f2p games? CO is currently a subscription based game, so I can’t see why those players would pay for more content like that.

Expansions are one thing, hmm well who knows.

Adventure Packs
Our focus in the near term will be on creating adventure packs that can be experienced by heroes at nearly any level. We want to put out new stories and experiences that as many players as possible can experience and that also provide alternate ways to grow your hero. These are very themed in story and will be set all around the Champions universe and feature villains both new and established.

I suppose I did preorder the lotro mirkwood download for the free goat and the lower level to get a mount.

Tentonhammer has an article out of the underwater area of lemuria.

This zone is the highest level zone in Champions Online and can only be reached via submarine from Monster Island after completing the Lemuria Crisis mission.

Is it bad that it reminds me of the latest perfect world expansion and that I should give the new classes another try?

The new State of the Game – 02/09/10 letter is showing some much needed back-pedalling by Champions Online.

Their expansion is now going to be free. They are going to put more effort into outreaching to their community and they are going to make less buggy releases.

Not to say this is all pretty obvious stuff… however that has not stopped others from not doing it to. I hope this game does better.

You can read this state of the game on the website.

The most talked about announcement is word of a new expansion.

Vibora Bay Watch
We’ve had a big secret here at Cryptic, and we can’t hold it in any longer. Over the past few months we’ve been working like mad on our first expansion for Champions Online! Vibora Bay is one of the Gulf Coast’s largest and most exciting cities. It’s a center of commerce, culture, tourism, and some incredibly strange goings-on. It maintains unusual traditions of mysticism and religion along with an eclectic group of inhabitants and frequent paranormal activities. Heroes constantly face threats of global proportions, but this time the crisis is greater than ever. The apocalypse has come, and it rides upon the half angelic / half demonic wings of Therakiel.

Also you can read the kitchen sink champions online patch notes for 27-01-10.


Nemeses can now be edited at the MCPD Crime Database. Change their costumes, powers, and minions for a modest fee!

You can read more about attack of the misfit toys on the champions online website.

Clarence is Coming to Town

Tis the season for spreading good will and good cheer,
And to celebrate the holidays, The Toymaster’s here!
He stands with his toys in Renaissance Center
With missions and presents for all who will enter.

This year the season has a sinister addition
As Black Harlequin starts up his own Yule tradition.
His holidays are all about grand escapades.
But this one may leave our heroes dismayed.

Black Harlequin likes to make toys that play rough
And the Toymaster’s shop simply has too much fluff.
So the villain “improved” all the toys that were there
He even built Clarence, a HUGE teddy bear!

He worked through the night, right up until dawn
And when the sun rose, like a flash he was gone
The snow started falling, the season was nigh
And boxes appeared on streets low, and roofs high…

The champions online page has pictures of the various items and costumes you can get.

So far I haven’t tried any of the champions online holidays. However I may check in on this one if I’m not busy elsewhere.

The Champions Online GM journal post is worth reading

The most interesting point I would say is the section I have quoted. Its not really a great sign when the players think its a bug and the developers do not. It fall under poorly described/not fun or illogical.

In other news, we’ve been compiling a lot of feedback. One of our primary areas of focus right now is situations that players report as bugs, which are actually working properly. When we receive a significant number of reports stating that something is not working right, but the developers come back to us saying “Actually, that’s supposed to happen”, this usually means there is some sort of disconnect between the intended design and the community. So, for situations like that, we try and come up with suggestions to improve the way information is presented to the player in the game. This helps the players out, by providing better explanations, but it also helps us out, by reducing the number of tickets we have to respond to with “Sorry, that’s not a bug.”

Currently there does seem to be a gap in how powerful the players want to feel against the weakest foes, verses how powerful the developers want you to be.

There also seems to be gaps in the strength your build is, verses the number of enemies in zones on or under your level.

So I think a lot of players are still following this one.

Sounds fun but I hope servers stay up.

We have some great news: You can play Champions Online for free over Thanksgiving weekend! That’s right, from Thursday, November 26 at 10:00 a.m. PST, through Monday, November 30 at 10:00 a.m. PST, you can play to your heart’s content.

We will be bringing down Champions Online on Friday, November 13 from 3AM to 5AM PST in order to perform maintenance and apply a new patch. We will update this thread once this maintenance has been completed. The latest patch notes and known issues can be found here. Thank you, The Champions Online Team

This patch is comprised of about three weeks of bug fixes. Read on for details about which bugs have been fixed!

You can read the latest champions online patch notes here.

Unfortunately for me, my gadgeter seems to have discovered a new bug or one not fixed. Her brand new pets will not summon and since it was not the last power she learned she cant unlearn it for free.

I do not get why champions online do not allow anything you learn to be unlearned for free. The game is so buggy and so new.

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