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Planned for a beta launch on August 17th is a version of EQ2 gone free to play.

It will have its own server and many limitations compared to the full game.

Check out out these answers to questions on the membership matrix.

I like this idea as I did not get the time to play to sub to the full game even though I liked it. I can see myself resubbing to the full game even with this out if I got the time for it again. However this might let me try the game, and understand the game a bit better for when that occurs.

To be honest though, if you think you will really love eq2, I would not bother with this.

It has its own server, but its really limited compared to the p2p version. Less classes, no support, less races, less content, less spell tiers (so harder game), less bags etc etc. I’m not sure how fun or enjoyable the cut down version will be.

EQ2 isnt a easy game, nor one thats quick to learn, with all the restrictions, it might make something tough to get into, a complete turn off.

New Patch is out. I like the paint and dyes now available. However I would like to have seen them make things even more colourful. However I suppose the designers do want a certain atmosphere.

Monkey town also looks like it will be great fun to check out at 30. I think I would have little to see them leave in the old Monkey town and add this new story as another town beside it. However nothing can be done there.

My clan has gone very quiet. I’ve been trying to finish off sector 1. Some of the quests are a bit hard to solo at the moment so I may end up going into sector 2 to the neutral areas then going back.

Patch notes under the cut.

This is rather nice.

Greetings Daevas,

Tell your friends, family, and former Legion mates about the upcoming “Double Your Fun” reactivation weekend! All inactive Aion accounts will be reactivated to coincide with this weekend’s incoming Double XP goodness.

During this weekend of double fun, you can enjoy playing with friends you haven’t seen for aeons and level up twice as fast as usual!

The Reactivation and Double XP Weekends start and end at the same time, as found below:

Starts: Friday, July 30, 2010 at 8 a.m. CEST
Ends: Monday, August 2, 2010 at 3 p.m. CEST
– The Aion Community Team

In Atlantica online, I am hanging out with Hong Gil-Dong, gathering some leather. Hong Gil-Dong appears to be a move reference, Descendants of hong gil-dong.

Hong Gil Dong was the illegitimate son of a high ranked minister. A local monk took him under his wing and taught him martial arts. Hong Gil Dong was inspired to fight for the injustice in this society that divided people into nobles and ordinary citizens whereby the former enjoyed all the privileges due solely to their birth.

Free Realms is offering a Lifetime Membership. Its pretty cheap at 29.99

From July 16th, 2010 (at Noon PDT) until August 2nd, 2010 (at Noon PDT) you can get a lifetime membership for about the same price as paying month to month for 6 months!

If you have a yearly subscription you will automatically get a lifetime membership.

If you have previously purchased a 12 month subscription, we have you covered. You will automatically be converted to a Lifetime Membership at no extra charge.
If you are currently a Member with a 1, 3 or 6 month membership, the Lifetime Membership and charges will take effect at the END of your current membership cycle.

I like the game. I am thinking about getting it. I would suspect this means that we will not see a lot of new content for this game. Its a pity because I think it really is a fun game for short bursts of play (or long burst until you get through most of the content).

So I suppose do I just want to pay it to permanently unlock the members items (mounts, classes, quests, etc). Its not a bad deal for that.

It looks like from the forums that membership has been dropping due to lack of content, so thats likely why we are seeing this.

But my daughter, who is old enough to post on forums has given up posting her concerns as she got tired of “no one was listening” and has dropped her membership because of it. -Ghostwood

Most of our friends and family members left after the December update. A few before then because they chewed thru the content so fast, and yes, most were kids in the target demographic- between 10-14. -Feenics_Reising

Fallen Earth is going to have dyes soon. I like that idea.

You will be able to make the common ones and the rare will be drops. I am not sure if I like that as much. I think the rare ones should be made from rare drops also. However the developers are good so I am sure it will be fun.

Minor Respec are also incoming as well as sector 4 which will be release in small countries. I would like to have seen some more content, like little villages being added to sector 2 or 3 however the steady work is nice too.

You can read the text under the break or go to the forum and comment.
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Check out massively for the end of the dismantle event

People of Kryta. I stand before you at both the dawn of a new age of prosperity and a return to the traditions of our ancestors. Our enemies have been dismantled, and all our years of suffering and oppression are finally over. It will take continued vigilance and courage to restore peace to the whole of Kryta, but we shall face our challenges as a united people. Many have fought and bled and sacrificed so that we may see this day.

We thank the Lionguard for their unwavering support of the people of Kryta. They shall continue, under the command of Firstwatch Sergio, in service to the city of Lion’s Arch. We thank the Shining Blade. They have been our truest companions and have proved themselves to be the true defenders of Kryta. Guided now by our loyal servant Livia, the Shining Blade will continue to serve Kryta, not as a rebel group nor as a militia, nor even as an army, but shall henceforth serve as the royal guard for all kings and queens of Kryta.

Most of all, we thank the people of Kryta, who have endured so much with such great dignity. All across Tyria, free people sing the praises of the common Krytan, and I join them in their chorus. The conflict has been a difficult one, pitting brother against brother, and neighbor against neighbor. Not all who fought against us were motivated by evil, for some were deceived by the lies or cowed by the threats of the White Mantle. In the spirit of the new, reborn Kryta, it is time to put those dark days behind us. Now is the time for rebuilding, not retribution. Now is the time for forgiveness, not vengeance. Let us all face this new era together, without hate in our hearts.

In that spirit, we hereby announce the formation of a new army for the defense of the whole of Kryta and for all humans who call Kryta their home. Honoring the winged goddess who protected us in our final battle against the fiends who had usurped our kingdom, this new group will be called the Seraph, and the valiant Bartholos shall be their commander. In this new army, common citizens and former members of the White Mantle and Shining Blade will serve side-by-side. You will know the Seraph by the wings that adorn their helms and shields, and by their resolute defense of our land. They shall be the protectors of Kryta.

Know this, my countrymen: never again will we stand by while another Krytan suffers. Never again shall we allow inhuman evil to fester and grow amongst us! Never again will the Krytans turn their back on their heritage and their gods! Let a new age dawn, an age of justice and peace for all Krytans!

Also check out the war in kryta page.

Say something nice to GM Carlin.

Please take heed of all the recent feedback from female/minority players about the real id scandal and while you are trying to be nice to the GMs, try not to seem like a stalker.

We like all like our community, but not wow like?

Check out the land shark.

Mark your calendars!*It’s been about a year since those darn Texans attempted to invade the wastes, and clones throughout the province are preparing to celebrate their victory from the arduous battle this month!

The infamous Texas Invasion took place July 25, 2009, at which point clones throughout the Grand Canyon Province banded together to help fortify the territory and defend against the intruders. This date marked a moment in history when all clones, regardless of faction, came together in defense of mankind…or the wasteland’s resources. Whatever the reason, they were successful in their defenses and there are two names that stand out amongst the rest from that day—the clan “Brotherhood of Steel” for leading the rally, and Ishmael, a lone survivor who managed to single-handedly take out more Texans than any other clone.

On Sunday, July 25 you are invited to join all the remaining survivors in celebrating this exciting victory and saluting “Brotherhood of Steel” and Ishmael! GMs throughout the province will be distributing festive goodies as well as leftover loot the Texans left behind. Could this be the wasteland’s first official holiday since the fall? We’ll let you decide…

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