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Many games advertise that as a feature?

No more mounted combat.
That’s it.
Course, it’s never that simple. My gut reaction is “WTF? I’m going to be hopping on and off my damn horse every time I have a fight?!”

Bonus xp weekend

Greetings Norrathians! Sharpen your swords and repair that armor. There will be bonus AA, tradeskill and adventure experience this weekend starting at 3:00pm PDT on Friday, April 23rd until 11:59pm Sunday, April 25th. Happy adventuring!

EQ2 said on their facebook page and on the EQ2 website

Bonus experience of all kinds!! Friday Feb 12th at 3pm PST until Monday Feb 15th at 11:59pm PST!

eq2 fairy

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Everquest 2 and Free Realms, otherwise known as games with fairy’s in them. Everquest 2 also lets you be an evil fairy that turns good.

So I wondered, what other games let you be a fairy?

Pixie Hollow is aimed for younger players but does not look as fun as free realms.

Beyond that I found some games with fairy-like creatures as pets, or where you could buy fairy wings.

It seems that only a few games offer them as a class or race.

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