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Got an email with the information about the ether saga halloween celebration

It’s that time of year again – Halloween! A week of frightening events has descended upon Pokari where the spirits rise from the grave and people go trick or treating. Are you prepared for the Witch of Samhain’s challenges?

The first event is called Restless Spirits. Ghosts have invaded Pokari, and it’s up to you to bust them. You’ll be rewarded with Spirit Tokens, which you can exchange at the Engineer’s Wife in Pokari for Halloween-themed potions, transformation cards and pets.

Players can also participate in the Trick-or-Treat event, All Hallows’ Eve. Speak to homeowners and shopkeepers in Pokari, Gallio, and Amaz to get a treat – or a mean trick!

Think you are brave enough to face the horrors of Halloween? Log in between 8 pm and 10 pm server time starting on Oct 28th on realms 2-15 to speak to the Witch of Samhain. Face your fears to get some great prizes!

There is also two post about the events on the website.
Halloween Quests
ESO Bulletin – 10/27/09

DOMO sent me an email advertising their Halloween events.

Aeria Games is proud to announce the Halloween event is in DoMO. Be sure to come back to DoMO and check out the Halloween Event!

4 New NPC’s
New Daily Halloween Quests
Decorations in Eversun
New Costumes
And More!

The email also include two Halloween wallpapers. More halloween wallpapers can be found on a forum thread.

They have also added their treasure hunting system, which involves killing so many mobs in an area in order for a chest to drop.

There is also a halloween quest guide up on in the general forums for domo. The rumour is if you do them you get a bunny hat. I’m not sure whats the recommended class level.

There is a list of the Super Spooktacular quests on this page on zam.

Its very handy in order to be able to find all the quests to do.

Quest Series
Trick-or-Treat from Halloween Harry in Sanctuary (repeatable once per day)
Bag Snatchers from Halloween Harry in Sanctuary
Candy Gram from Halloween Harry in Sanctuary
A Formal Report from Halloween Harry in Sanctuary
A Trip to the Swamp from Greyli Dustywings in Queensfields
Spectral Spectacles from Greyli Dustywings in Queensfields
A Ghostly Discovery from Lucinda in Blackspore Swamp
Guardians of the Tomb from Lord William IV in Blackspore Swamp
Sealed with a Signet from Lord William IV in Blackspore Swamp
The Pumpkin Prince from Lucinda in Blackspore Swamp
Spooky Hide ‘n Seek from Tabitha in Sanctuary (must complete the series first, repeatable once per day)
Ghostly Games from Hector in Sanctuary (must complete the series first, repeatable once per day)
Halloween Fanatic from Halloween Harry in Sanctuary (must complete the Trick-or-Treat quest on three consecutive days first)
The Great Scare from Ghost Hunter in either Bristlewood, Stillwater Crossing or Snowhill
Ectoplasmic Goo from Ghost Hunter in either Bristlewood, Stillwater Crossing or Snowhill
Delicious Goo’d Candy from Halloween Harry in Sanctuary (repeatable whenever you have 15 Ectoplasmic Goos in inventory)

Its worth trying to do as many as you can for a chance at the prizes. Some are very easy like the daily trick or treat.

Aion is going to have a Halloween event.

During the fall harvest, from time immemorial, the people of Atreia have celebrated the bounty of the land. Years ago, the joy of the annual revels was troubled by an eclipse – a peculiar and magical eclipse that brought darkness to Asmodae and Elysea. Ever since, for days during Harvest Revel, the sky goes dark and the peoples of Atreia join the hunt.

The two sides have different events.

Asmodians find soothing peace during the dark days of the Harvest Revel. They celebrate by racing after the Wild Kurthanir hunt leader during the Wild Hunt and cooking special traditional dishes.

Elyos endure the dark days because during them the dead of Elysea are restless. Undead creatures rise from the grave every few hours, pulled back into a semblance of life by the power of the eclipse. Elyos must join roving Dark Night bands to hunt and destroy the undead before they invade Elyos villages.

Its due to start on the 25th (this Saturday).

Harvest Revel
Begin: October 25, 2009
End: October 31, 2009

The “Spooktacular” Halloween event is out.

Where do I start?
Talk to Halloween Harry on the road to Pixiewood to get started. He looks like a mummy.
Or talk to the Ghost Hunters in Snowhill, Stillwater Crossing and Bristlewood

When does it end?
November 11th, old hallows night.

I want free stuff?
Don’t forget to spin the wheel every day for the Hallowe’en themed prizes.

And remember the Werewolf costume is still limited if you want one.

Here is the description from the Free Realms Insider website.

The Spooktacular event will bring weeks of “spooky activities and festive line events”. The weeks coming will feature:
Thirty five new costumes for your pets and character
Trick or treating in Pixiewood
A special Halloween themed daily wheel
Brand new battle instance in the Bone Bog Cemetery
Great new TCG Quest-lines for a unique Jack O’ Lantern costume or Chiller Boombox
Brand new quests and world events with the goal of defeating the pumpkin prince.
The event will run from October 14th to November 11th and is free to all registered members!

Expect something special in the update today, based off the hint from free realms insider.

Expect a huge update THIS Wednesday, October 14th which will include more costumes, trick-or-treating, a new event and new quests!!

Also if you have not seen the pictures of the ghost costume take a look. One player run event called phantom maze using the ghost costumes has already been arranged.

Wonder about the festival? Read up on it here

And so this olden tale draws to a close. Its legacy, however, lives on in Vana’diel to this day. As word of the young man’s escapades spread, carved pumpkins, once considered humble fall festival decorations, became seen as magical charms used to ward away unwanted visitants from the netherworld. So when next you take carving knife to pumpkin, pray spend a moment in remembrance of the two youths of legend whose undying love found a way for them to be together

How long is it on for?

The Harvest Festival event will skulk into town on Friday, October 16 at 1:00 a.m. (PDT) and dissipate into the darkness on Monday, November 2 at the same hour.

The events are:

Event Schedule
The Harvest Festival event will skulk into town on Friday, October 16 at 1:00 a.m. (PDT) and dissipate into the darkness on Monday, November 2 at the same hour.

Your Purple-winged Partners
Brave adventurers willing to take up the task of driving off the unholy infiltrators should seek out the moogles stationed in the areas below. Complete the tasks assigned, and you shall be met with great reward!

West Ronfaure (I-6) / East Ronfaure (G-6)
North Gustaberg (L-8) / South Gustaberg (J-7)
West Sarutabaruta (J-8) / East Sarutabaruta (G-11)

Trick or Treat!
As Harvest Festival tradition goes, the residents of the three nations have dressed themselves in fearsome costumes, hoping to spook adventurers and earn a treat or two in the process.
By trading certain treats to costumed NPCs, characters will be able to dress up as monsters or beastmen themselves, and acquire beloved Harvest Festival items to boot!

Southern San d’Oria / Northern San d’Oria
Bastok Mines / Bastok Markets
Windurst Waters / Windurst Woods
*NPCs will accept most food items of the Sweets category, with certain exceptions that do not appeal to their finicky palates.

Wake of the Lilies
The Harvest Festival will again play host to the Wake of the Lilies, with three aspiring exorcists from the West making their annual pilgrimage to the three nations. Would-be shadow-hunters should seek them out at the following locations:

Gertrude in Northern San d’Oria (D-8)
Brian in Bastok Markets (G-8)
Roger in Windurst Waters (F-5)
*After successfully completing an exorcist’s request, players will be required to wait one Vana’diel day before accepting another.

Seasonal Stalls
As in past years, specially decorated shops dealing in Harvest Festival wares will be open for business in the areas listed below. Speak to the moogle shopkeepers while outfitted with an item obtained from the Wake of the Lilies event, and you just might be in for a special treat!

Northern San d’Oria (D-8)
Port Bastok (L-8)
Windurst Waters (G-10)

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