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November 12th, is the date for the first Jade Dynasty Expansion.

New features include:
•A brand new Race
•2 new factions
•New Zones
•A Transformation system
•A Pet Capture system
•Skyblades now combat enabled

I can’t wait to make a demigod or Athan. Its going to be fun seeing two sides to the story. I know there is all the factions sides too but another angle is still fun.

From the look of the website the immortal females and the immortal males are their own seperate factions. The Balo and the Ardan. Ardan are made by the moon goddess and Balo by the gods as frontline warriors.

Before Shaw Danon, life carried on as it had for centuries. Mankind sought the secrets to immortality, and the five Factions promised to deliver those secrets. But then everything drastically changed, as circumstances of Shaw Danon’s destiny came to fruition.

Shaw Danon’s transformation into the catalyst of change began when he was just a child. The most powerful and evil of Espers, the Sinister Orb, used its power to seize control of a wayward soul, leading him to massacre an entire village. The young Shaw Danon was one of the only survivors of this tragedy. He later gained control of the Sinister Orb for his own purposes.

It is widely recognized that Bloodsmelting an Esper will make both the Esper and its owner more powerful, but will ultimately corrupt one’s soul as the Esper draws upon darker powers. For this basic reason, the Good Factions traditionally forbid this practice.

However, influenced by the dark energy of the Sinister Orb, Shaw Danon chose unimaginable power over his own humanity. From this choice, there was no return.

Because of this decision, a door that was never meant to be unlocked has been opened. Through the Sinister Orb, Shaw Danon (now known as Velonus) opened the gateway to knowledge of Ascension. Since his accidental discovery, the whispers of Ascension have spread and all Factions are scrambling to command this power.

This discovery has not escaped the attention of the Immortals, and has triggered great alarm regarding human desire to evolve into a form they were never meant to achieve. Predictably, humans have rejected all Celestial requests to surrender this power and knowledge.

Fearing a weakening grip over the Mortal Realm, the Immortals have decided to seize control over humanity by sending forth a legion of demigods called the “Athan” to restore balance.

A great crisis approaches. So begins Jade Dynasty: Ascension.

Jade Dynasty has release the Phantasma pet. Its quite cute.

At Grade-1 Phantasma is an adorable little vixen of a ghost. Really now – who couldn’t resist the charm of taking ownership of such a perky little pet – even if she is from the Netherworld?

At Grade-12 Phantasma matures into her adult spirit form. Don’t let her ‘floating heart’ idle animation effects fool you though. Phantasma’s translucence can make her difficult to spot from a distance giving the owner a true advantage in PvP situations!

Got an email with the information about the ether saga halloween celebration

It’s that time of year again – Halloween! A week of frightening events has descended upon Pokari where the spirits rise from the grave and people go trick or treating. Are you prepared for the Witch of Samhain’s challenges?

The first event is called Restless Spirits. Ghosts have invaded Pokari, and it’s up to you to bust them. You’ll be rewarded with Spirit Tokens, which you can exchange at the Engineer’s Wife in Pokari for Halloween-themed potions, transformation cards and pets.

Players can also participate in the Trick-or-Treat event, All Hallows’ Eve. Speak to homeowners and shopkeepers in Pokari, Gallio, and Amaz to get a treat – or a mean trick!

Think you are brave enough to face the horrors of Halloween? Log in between 8 pm and 10 pm server time starting on Oct 28th on realms 2-15 to speak to the Witch of Samhain. Face your fears to get some great prizes!

There is also two post about the events on the website.
Halloween Quests
ESO Bulletin – 10/27/09

This super cool video came from TheBananaKing on Free Realms Insider.

Free Realms insider has the write up on the membership packs.

These packs will only be available to members paying a monthly fee. This month’s pack will feature an assortment of Halloween themed items:
* Chatdy Supermarket Costume
* Phantom Face Paint Style Card
* Starry Moons face Paint Style Card
* Troll Face Paint Style Card
* Pumpkin Paper Bag Mask
* Green Skull Lantern

So if you are a member check your claim window.

I ran around guild wars doing quests.  I still like the hirelings and bring them everywhere. I gained some new skills.

I played some of d&d online. I like the voice acting. The fact that the dm has a voice is very cool. Definately a game for when the sound is turned on. Reminds me of guildwars, although the hirlings in d&d cost money.

In perfect world, I leveled my barbarian. Super jumping around and learning a new class. Panda barbarian for the win!

My lotro subscription is out this week, but I wont have time to play for all of next week so I shouldnt bother to subscribe until after that.

I played some dofus and confused myself.

I updated hello kitty but did not end up playing it.

I was invited to two betas and tried to download them. One more successfully than the other.

I ran around some more for the halloween event in free realms.

Playing this week

  • Guild Wars
  • Disgaia 3