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I got an email on the new update. The email also contains a chance to win things and a free demon. If you have the emails turned on make sure you claim the demon.

Zip across the wilds at amazing speeds on your very own MOTORBIKE
Utilize alchemy to turn ordinary items into extraordinary creations with ITEM MIXING
Recruit your friends to fight against other teams in PvP TEAM BATTLE ENHANCEMENTS

A little more detail can be seen in the new features page.

I think however they should have let us buy motorbikes rather than just rent them. A mount that you could use when needed, would have been much more useful.

In order to use a Motorbike, you will need to learn to ride. This is done by purchasing the Rental Motorbike Ticket from the Terminelle Girl in any of the major cities.
You will need to talk to the Terminelle Girl, in any of the major cities, to rent a Motorbike for a specified timed duration (10 minutes, 20 minutes, or 30 minutes).

Some of the known issues since the release can be seen on the forum.

If you are looking for the events guide for the MegaTen Halloween Spectacular its on the general forum.

The comic strip competition has already a lot of entry’s up. I was reading some of them.

I’m not interested in the fusing competition, however if you are interested it runs to the 30th.

Also take a look at the in game costume entries. Very cool.

I got a email today about these and a link to the forums

Our newest content patch introduces Demon Friend Quests, where your demons will give you quests that you can complete for them to get amazing rewards. There are hundreds of unique quests available, and the rewards include both in-game items and Code Name words!

On the forums I found this information.

Demon Friend Quests
-If you have a demon with a friendship level of Good Friends or higher, you will periodically see a message that one of your demons wants to speak with you. When you open your demon list, you can select any demon of the appropriate friendship level and that demon will offer you a quest. Complete the quest and receive XP and other rewards. Complete several in a row without failing any quests and you will get bonus rewards!
-You may complete three DFQ a day!

Also they are giving out prizes

To celebrate Demon Friend Quests, we are giving every player 2 free in-game items! Keep reading to find out how to redeem yours today

And also something about codenames

Code Names
-Code Names go hand-in-hand with the Demon Friend Quests. Every time you complete a Demon Friend Quest, you get a Code Name word. You can know a maximum of 50 Code Name words at any given time (if you learn a 51st word, the 1st word will disappear, and so on). You can use arrange those words however you wish to create unique Code Names for your character.
-You can also earn special code names by having a good quest success rate! Your demons must be at a contract level of Open Hearts or higher, however, to receive the quests for special codenames.

Free mmogame has this great article at the moment about Shin Megami Tensei Imagine.

demon summoning is, you’re actually burning up a certain summoning cost called “Magnetites.” These items are uncommon loots from monsters and/or quest rewards.

This newbie guide on the forum is also really good.

When you register a Demon in the Demonic Compendium, you’re given access to previously hidden information on the Demon, such as its strengths and weaknesses!
When you reach a certain amount of entries in the Demonic Compendium, you’re also rewarded with an additional slot in your Demon Friend roster!

When I first started playing F2p games, I was not used to using the forum so much. In p2p games the game forums are usually very unhelpful. Thats not true in f2p game, in those games the forums are the best source of information, next comes in game guilds.

Another useful tip from the same thread is:

Use talk always. but the demons who SpEaK lIkE tHiS tend do respond to threaten

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