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FFXIV: Repairing underwear

Posted on: November 2, 2010

Ok is it just me or is this a little weird.

One of the first things that needed repair was the characters underwear. Now you can not remove it and it has to be removed to be repaired. So you really need two sets.

However its not easy to make new underwear or cheap. So I had to get a guildy to help me out, they had an extra set, lent it to me, I gave them the mats, they repaired mine and I swapped back to mine and handed the extra set back to the guildy. Follow all that? Think its odd and slightly ick??

Well umm ..yah.

Also it appears it does not get better. In fact the game lets you buy used underwear cheaply in one of the cities.

Soooo hmm.
I get realism, I really do, but this is rather, WTF !?!

Anyway just a crazy story from the game that I felt the need to share.

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