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Went back to LUNA online today for the open beta. I also picked up my closed beta testing gift.

The outfit on my female toon is a bit ugly, but hey its free so I’ll put up with it. I’m not sure if its going to give the games company the marketing they want though. I can see a lot of people assessing it and the game and raising an eyebrow.

Its a pity though, chibi design aside its a fun game. However I can see already why the design is dumb.

Take a look, the girl outfit is in red. What’s ifty in this picture? Especially with it being marketed as a social rpg. There is even a new dating instance.

I can tell you what, I wouldn’t let my kids play this one.

Open beta at 10:00am PDT (GMT-7) on May 14th.

Currently you can vote for the server names.

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