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Hello again. I mostly stopped playing. I got married and had a baby.

I am playing Guild Wars 2 now a few times a week and would like to share/store some notes on the game.

Please look out for me.

Mondes Persistants has interviewed Chris Lye.

Map travel:
“One of the key characteristics of Guild Wars 2 will be the Asura gates, which will be portals that players can use to travel from place to place. These gates will be used to link the different areas of Tyria together and will make map travel possible.”

“The dragons play an enormous role in the story of Guild Wars 2–they are the ultimate enemy, the primal (?) forces of nature. We can’t really talk about the role they will play in PvP for the time being, but the dragons spread their shadow over the whole universe of Guild Wars.”

We haven’t made any announcements about the level cap in Guild Wars 2, aside from the fact that it will be higher than 20

The interview can be read in English and french.

The new art for the male Sylvari looks pretty cool. I play 99% of the time female characters but it looks great. You can check out all the new art and download two wallpapers on the Guild Wars 2 site.

I had not see their youtube channel before either. They have some nice videos there, including some from PAX. Fall of Ascalon is set one year before the start of Guild Wars two. Its a book coming out. The Guild Wars novels are going to be canon. One of the writers helped with Deadlands and writes for tabletop rpgs. Thats  pretty cool.

“The official release date for GW2 is “When it’s done” 😉 ~RB”

Playing this week

  • Guild Wars
  • Disgaia 3