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Companions are a feature in Guild Wars 2. Companions will have customisability similar to the Heroes of the original Guild Wars game series. Players will be allowed to bring a single companion with them, who will not take up a party slot. When a player chooses not to bring a companion, their character will instead be buffed so that they will not be disadvantaged by not bringing a companion.

I was playing a mission in guild wars the other night and had a little party of 3 npcs with me. I really really like the npc system. Its fun to have them along and let the tank tank and save the healer.

It will be a bit sad in guild wars 2 that it sounds like your only allowed one npc along with you.

Biobreak has a post on some of the news thats out.

One change is:

Will be an open, persistent world with instances and dungeons

Thats a big move away from the areas outside towns being instanced. I think thats probally a good idea as it was a bit lonely in the solo friendly guild wars 1.

I hope the henchmen will be like the heros you get in guild wars heros. That was pretty cool.

“We can’t fully explain the companions system yet, but we can say that the game will be soloable,” says studio head Mike O’Brien. “This goes back to that accessibility issue – we want players to be able to pick up the game and play it in the style that they want to play it. If they want to solo, we want to enable that… if they want to play with a group of specific people, we want to enable that as well.”

They also have a cool video out. Take a look. I love the look of the new races. The painted art in the trailor is beautiful. The visuals towards the end of the trailor appear to be some of the new zones which look great.

the humans who hate the Charr, the Asura who are naturally sceptical about every other race, who think they’re better, the Sylvari who are young and new and don’t understand the nature of the world, and the Norn who are just naturally independent. Someone has to bring them together, and that someone is the player character.”

They have told everyone on twitter they will still keep guilds wars 1 running when guild wars 2 comes out. Thats a good idea, because I can see some of the new people who join for guild wars 1 picking up the old games to look at the old plot or to try the old game. Also I still want to play more of the old game 🙂 even if I’m also playing the new game.

We will get to fight dragons and undead. That will be cool. Its been done, but I don’t mind. Fighting dragons will always be cool. They are going to events instead of quests. I’m not a 100% that will work, but we will see how it plays. If its fun and not a worse grind than just killing monsters over and over to level then it will be well received.

They are also adding jumping, crafting and some other things to do beyond fighting. I think this is a good idea. It will give more reason to hang around in the game when you don’t want to fight or do events. Aion probally is week in this area. Hopefully Guild Wars 2 is stronger.

They also talked about a lot of underwater exploration for every race. This might be fun. I had a lot of fun with underwater missions with my druid in early wow. The visuals shown at the end shows interesting areas to explore and the plot does say that the undead army comes from that drowned empire.

Guild Wars 2 is coming along soon.

I haven’t played a huge amount of guild wars 1. I picked up all the expansions and the main game pretty cheaply so its been a game I played around on. I’ve played a bit into each campaign but my main is only half way to the super low level cap of 20. When you reach the level cap the main game is supposed to begin so I really should hit that.

I don’t think I’ve really played enough yet to warrent getting the second one, however since once you buy the game you have it, I’ll probally buy it anyway.

I’ll also get to keep my guild war one names to use in guild wars two which is nice. Their races sound interesting too. I know I’ll make a sylvari simply because not enough games have plant people.


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