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Luminary with Aeria games is closing down. There is other english versions so while its sad for its community to lose what they built, they can play elsewhere.

Dear Luminary Community,

We thank you for playing Luminary, and we really had a lot of fun with you and hope you did too!

We are especially sad to announce that we have to close Luminary in mid January. As of now, you will not be able to use the Item Mall in Luminary anymore but you will still be able to play the game until mid January. We greatly value every player and we feel the community here is really strong so we would like to interest you in staying with us on one of our other English games which you can find here.

The community are talking on the forum about moving to ndoors. I wish you all well.

Also to be clear, Aeria games are helping players make the transfer with their characters. Read the thread on the forum on what will be moved.


I was reading this post by Triysle,

If we maintain the original game from nDoors, many players will have the opportunity to acquire game-altering abilities, such as (but not limited to) –

– The ability to change the server notices and information
– The power to teleport around the world without limits.
– A substantial salary for holding a political office.
– The power to jail other players.
– The option to give out stat-boosting items.

Frankly, Aeria has not ever had a game that is so reliant on player responsibility. I think we need to evaluate the situation as best we can, and figure out how we will handle the release of this game.

Personally, I think we can handle it. As long as the voting system is maintained properly, we should not have any major problems. There will be bickering, disputes, and whining. Just accept that fact, and brace yourself for it. Remember, if the GMs feel that someone is abusing their position, they can remove them. But also remember, even though the GoonZu has to be elected, the winner still gets to choose his or her five ministers. There is no vote for them, or for the lesser positions for Judges and Guardian Angels; you are voting for an entire group of people, not just one!

I know its pretty simular to “A Tale in the Desert” in the player voting.

However so far what I have been hearing is the most unbalanced feature in the game in the allowing players to by crafting mats with Aeria points.

People often refer to the Goonzu as the president of the server (as its more logical than a king you vote for).

The white tiger appoints the beginner helpers. So its pretty important that this person is good at the job.

The Kirin keeps the peace and jails players. So you have to hope they stamp hard on racism/sexism/homophobia. The Kirin is the chinese unicorn.

Remember there is a harassment forum for luminary (as well as reporting the person to the kirin). If you are making a claim screenshots are allowed. No edited screenshots is allowed as evidence. That includes simply blocking out text or character boxes.


I found this really good guide on the forums. Please take a look and read the comments.

1. You get the following benefit when you reach the level required.
– Level 15. Able to mount a horse[Which is a brown foal by default and cant be trained]
-Level 20.  Get 100k marble for a resettle fund and you are able to summon.
-Level 30. Get another 100k and able to apply for town chief and do mining and farming.

2. You get you’re first summons at level 20 by right clicking on the evil raccoon dolls(Which is not 100% guarantee success summoning).

3. About summons…
When you get your first summon (By default, Evil raccoon…), its best that you set your summon to standby mode because the summons is still weak… To make your summons become stronger, you need to evolve it which is to spend 100k buying 10 evolution tickets…

When your summons die, in order to revive it, you need to have the correct amount of summon dolls (Of the same kind as the summons that you want to revive)… Example: To revive a lvl 25 Shaman Ladybug, I need 25 shaman ladybug dolls…

For the first 10 level’s, when the players dies, you are revive at hanyang… not the nearest town

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New updates for Luminary

Asran and Talatat are opening. They also have a Stock Subscription Tutorial.

The game has also defined its stance on multi-boxing. They also clarified that only one account should be allowed to buy stocks.


Luminary review post by tobold.

I like reading others impressions of games I’ve played. My Luminary character seems to be deleted again so I’m back at the begining again for this one.



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I forgot about the luminary beta event.

I looked at the website and saw it was not on till late in the day my time and meant to log on later on and join in.

However then started feeling ill so forgot all about it.

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