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Whoo hoo.

We have dinosaur and dragon mounts.

What’s better than owning a T-Rex? How about riding a T-Rex…or a Dragon!

Starting today Members can purchase “Rides” from the Station Cash Marketplace.

There are T-Rex and Dragon rides in various colors. These awesome creatures will get you around the world of Free Realms fast and in style…if you can hold on!

Massively have a nice explanation of the new skirmish system.

I’m back playing the game but I have not tried it yet. My guilds reaction to it has been good. One player was happily announcing how much xps she was getting as they whizzed her up the levels.

Turbine wants you to run through a few quests that amount to a tutorial before unleashing you into the real deal. When you talk to a Skirmish Captain at a Skirmish Camp, he will first ask you to bring back 10 War Orders found on evil humanoid mobs (orcs, warg riders, etc) in your level range. The drop rate is low at first, but picks up after you get your first. After you get all 10, you need to get 1 Target List from the same kinds of mobs. If you are in your 50s, I recommend running a quick Crafting Instance in Moria.

After you turn in the orders, the Skirmish Captain there will send you into your first Skirmish. Here you will get two new skills: one to summon a Soldier (an NPC that you control in Skirmishes); and one to direct the Soldier on who to attack. The second skill is important because you won’t have any control over how your Soldier reacts in a fight except for this one, and it has a cool down.

After you finish this first Skirmish, you will use the Skirmish Join panel to get into the second Skirmish tutorial. This one has you defending the Prancing Pony from invaders. But before the fun begins, a quest NPC shows you how to transform your Soldier into a specific Role. You are able to buy the Warrior Role, then open up the Soldier’s Trait panel and slot it. This turns your generic companion into the Warrior Role which specializes in melee dps. After protecting the Prancing Pony from waves of bad guys and a few bosses, you are sent back to the Skirmish Captain to turn in your quest and receive another Soldier Role your choice. You will also find you have now earned a pocketful of a new currency called Skirmish Marks.

I’m also loving the mounts at 20. Makes traveling so much easier for my minstrel. Before the expansion I was having a tough time running back and forth between bree and the lone lands. Not to mention all the running in the lone lands. Its not a small place.

West karana has mentioned we are going to get mounts in Wizard 101.

Initially, four will be introduced: Brooms, Horses, Cats, and Dragon

They are being release in October. There will be day and week rentals as well as permanent ones. The permanent ones can be bought with gold or coins (cash shop money).

1-day rentals give 20% movement speed increase; 7-day and permanent purchases give 40% movement speed increase

The come in a variety of styles.

The news is not yet up on the Wizard 101 website, apparently this was announced at the Austin Game Developer’s Conference.

Friendly also has the news.

You can buy White horses from an NPC vendor in Pokari. You can buy these at level 30. It costs 100 gold. Its hard to make the gold by that level. Its slower than the cloud but you can upgrade it.

You must first upgrade the NPC horse using Fungus(which cost 50 gold each). You’ll need 4 fungus to upgrade it 4.5-4.9. Once its 4.9 upgrade it using the Whip to 5.0. It then becomes combat available.

You can buy combat ready mounts in the cash shop Ex Redmane charger.

Do not bother doing the quest “The Wings That Enchanted Me “. You have to collect 9 heavenly horse pieces. It gives you the bamboo propeller, but it only last 5 hours. So its a waste of time, money and bag space.

Like in Perfect World you can carry someone on your Mount in Ether Saga. However as far as I know they have to be the opposite gender in game. There was a request placed to change this.

To do so, click on their icon, select embrace, wait for the person to accept.

WIKI article on mounts

I still do not want to go back to warcraft, even with the midsummer festival on.

I have noticed in Lotro that their own summer festival is on, which I had not known about. On the trial I can not get mail, so the festival mail is not accessiable. I also do not know where to go as a new player.

Apparently some will be trying for a litha pony. However as I will not be level 35 I think thats more for another year.

I have take a look at the festival guide on the lotro site but I can not say I understand how to get there.

I like festivals in game, but I find that if I am new to the game, or casual with the game they can be hard to find and to know what to do for.

I have taken part in some of the runes of magic festivals. They were reasonable accessible but a bit grindy and not so fun. Repeatedly opening barrels, or killing mobs for drops gets dull.


Hmm very cool.

But the Azure Pegasus is pretty cool too.

Rohan unicorn

Runes of Magic
Rom Unicorn

I’d need to level an elf in Rohan. Very doable as I’m still low level on my dragon girl.

In ROM I have to wait for them to be back in the cash shop and then I’ll buy one for my multiboxing pair. Yipee!

I found a dead unicorn in the woods in the High elf lands.

The quest sadly was to avenge its death and not save it.

(if your wondering why I didn’t know it was dead, was because if you click on it, it neighs)

However this gives me great hope for the possibility of unicorn mounts at higher levels.

I’ve been in games with dragon mounts and hippogriff mounts and kirin mounts and many with bear mounts.

But oh would a unicorn be cool.

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