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The information is on the Megaten forum and its for the arrival of Nocturne

In celebration of the arrival of Nocturne, the end of Bad Act 2, and the Tiered Leveling Event, we’re hosting TWO DAYS OF LEVELING BONUSES! Get in the game and level fast-don’t let the opportunity for DOUBLE or even TRIPLE experience with NO PENALTY go by!

WHEN: Thursday (4/29)-Saturday(5/1)

3pm PDT (Thurs) 10am PDT (Fri):
2x Expertise
No Death Penalty
10am PDT (Fri) 2pm PDT (Fri):
3x Experience
3x Expertise
No Death Penalty
2pm PDT (Fri) 10am PDT (Sat):
2x Experience
2x Expertise
No Death Penalty

Check your mail for information and these free gifts

Cameo Ring: Jack Frost!

You should redeem your gift before the end of the month.

New Content Update
Kuchinawa Cave
Open HIGH lvl Dungeon & new bosses to battle! “Yamatano-Orochi” is HERE!
Alignment-based special loot or bosses!
New Plug-Ins available like Qing-Long
Tons of New Demon Fusion combinations (Morrigan, Nue, Titan, Loa & many MORE!)
NEW green Arch Wings and other St. Patty’s Day-themed items!
Level Cap Increase to 97!

Its also the last day to get your firecrackers.

Check out the funny comics for megaten. Entry is due for tomorrow if you want to enter.


The Show us your demonic love competition ends on the 20th so you have two more days to enter. The screenshots are also fun to check out.

The pictures are people and their fave demon saying the slogan. Many are wearing matching outfits to what the demon is wearing. Check it out.

They are giving some extra XP for the celebration.

3x Experience Period:
START: Jan. 16, 2010 @ 8am PST (5pm GMT)
END: Jan. 17th, 2010 @ 8am PST (5pm GMT)

2x Expertise Period:
START: Jan. 16th, 2010 @ 10am PST (7pm GMT)
END: Jan. 17th, 2010 @ 10am PST (7pm GMT)

You also can get a free new demon Joyful Alice.

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