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Nival promised those five features:
Level cap – 42.
New location for 40-42 levels.
Cursed items. Players will have chance to receive new type of items. Cursed items don’t give stat bonuses. Instead they make attributes lower. E.g. helm which added +100 to your Luck will give -100 when cursed. Cursed items may drop from heroic instances bosses. Also one of player’s items may become cursed after death. Any curse can be removed through special ritual.
Cash Shop consumables will now vanish after 7 days after you’ve bought them.
New boss in Demon City.

I originally read this on corpse run and his upset post is well worth a read. There is also a thread about it on Keen and Graevs forum.

I think PVD said it best when he said its all about the trust. Allods Online don’t seem to have it any more.

Anyway there is a lot more free to play games out there. So the market can hop along to the next new thing.

From Keen and Bio you can hear about the bad news for allods online.

In short gpotato have made the cash shop prices hugely expensive. And the russian designers Astrum Nival have brought out a nerf patch that will make the game less fun and more expensive to play.

Now I’m wishing I did not save so much of the game to try at launch. Ah well.


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Remade a character from the beta last night and made my way back up to level 5.

It was fun. The atmosphere was buzzing and many people were having a good time with the game. Did not see many other healers about yet, but its early days.

The winged elves are a lot of fun to play. You fly all the time like a fairy in free realms and its fun seeing them melee or cast spells.

I also remade my red haired warden and my gibbling scout girls to make sure I did not lose their names.

My only regret is there is only one server so I can’t yet try a empire character.

Look out for the Allods Online open beta. Characters from the open beta will not be deleted.

Allods Online will officially go into Open Beta on Tuesday the 16th of February. Anyone who has a gPotato.eu account will be able to play Allods Online without the worry of subscription fees! If you took part in the Closed Beta Test, you can use your same account for Allods Online once it goes live! All you will need to do is simply patch the game.

This was one of the games I have been beta testing over the last few weeks.

Mystic worlds has a very nice article with some excellent Allods online tips.

I was looking forward to this game since I heard about it in Russia. Its a lot of fun. I like very much the warden class and I like the gibberling scout.

Allods Online, the russian made MMOrpg thats due this year has a preview on eurogamer.

Its sounds interesting. I’m just really hoping that the character designs are women friendly. Not every picture of the races show men and women. I’m hoping that doesnt mean that some races only have male options, or that some classes are not available to women.

The costumes look ok too. So maybe we wont be seeing some of the rubbish that conan and runes of magic thought was ok and that people would put up with. There is a couple of dodgy pieces of art on the site though.

Some of the races also seem very unique like the Gibberlings.

This site has pictures of more of the classes. Its looking good for no dodgy clothes.

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