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I ran around guild wars doing quests.  I still like the hirelings and bring them everywhere. I gained some new skills.

I played some of d&d online. I like the voice acting. The fact that the dm has a voice is very cool. Definately a game for when the sound is turned on. Reminds me of guildwars, although the hirlings in d&d cost money.

In perfect world, I leveled my barbarian. Super jumping around and learning a new class. Panda barbarian for the win!

My lotro subscription is out this week, but I wont have time to play for all of next week so I shouldnt bother to subscribe until after that.

I played some dofus and confused myself.

I updated hello kitty but did not end up playing it.

I was invited to two betas and tried to download them. One more successfully than the other.

I ran around some more for the halloween event in free realms.

Someone told me Dofus (the main french rpg) was now free to play rather than trial. So I went to check it out.

Apparently you can play for free and at some point you get extra content by paying.

Its worth trying out with their sequel on the way, and with it being so popular. Remember they already have 10 million players 😀

They are planning a graphical upgrade by the end of the year but at the moment it still has charm.

I’m still looking around and trying to figure how the game works. Movement between maps still confuses me. However the art is cute.


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