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June membership pack was out yesterday. I picked mine up.
The soccer ball pet is a pet pal, not a full pet. So it does not do tricks, nor does it eat.

Its kind of cute though in a weird sort of way. It was funny watching it running around my yard.

Soccer Ball Pet Pal with new color scheme
10,000 Coin
3 Wooden Walkways
1 Curved Wooden Walkway
1 Wooden Walkway Ramp

The wasteland mutt is live.

The cute post-apocalyptic canines are available throughout Sector 1-3 and can be purchased from Fuel and Feed merchants for “about 500 chips.”

There is a cute picture of one on massively. You can have the dog out while your horse or vehicle is out. You can order him/her to stay or follow you. If he dies you can get him/her back from the stable master.

The developers have seemed to indicate that newer and better versions and other animals will be added later on.

The wizard 101 expansion sounds a lot of fun.

Underwater zones seem so in right now. Perfect World already has one. Guild wars 2 will have one. Now Wizard 101 will have one.

“2010 is shaping up to be an incredible year for the students of Ravenwood School of Magic. Whether exploring the underwater kingdom of Celestia, or hatching and training pets to participate in the Pet Derby, every player–from the newest apprentice to the returning grandmaster–will find something compelling, engaging and fun.”

I think the pets will be the most fun. However it looks fun all round.

When is it out?

Celestia will officially open in late summer. Starting in June players can undertake new quests to discover the secrets of this new world and begin to unlock the story behind Celestia.

Owls, groundhogs, Spotted T-Rex, Scaled Dragon are now live.

Its also being said that

Horses are the next Rides scheduled to be released, with more types of transportation in the works.

I love how Free Realms does festivals. They are really good and fun. We also can expect another one this week.

According to Free Realms Insider:

Later this week, Free Realms is scheduled to kick off the Festival of Hearts, a special month long event that celebrates love, friendship and kindness.

All players will be able to participate in themed events, daily social activities and storyline quests that incorporate traditional items and rewards which embody the holiday: hearts, candies, forget-me-not cards, flowers, love potions and more. Heart Breakers are invited too, as even the Stone Hearted can participate in the world events that ensue.

New Hippo, Tiger, Beetle, Groundhog and Owl pets will also be available in the Marketplace.

Zam’s post on the Festival of Hearts also has confirmed this.

I’m looking forward to this.

You need 1 green gem, 1 red gem and 1 blue gem for the pet event.

I got 1 green gem just by handing in the small gems for the quest from the inn keeper and got the red gem as a drop from the second dungeon quest from the grocery store guy.

I now just need 1 blue gem. Apparently mimics drop them a lot. I am not sure which method I will try for to get it.

I also found this guide to titles in mabinogi that you might find helpful if you want to collect them.

How do I buy pet stuff since its only sold at Nera which is a high level area?

Try to level an alternate character, and level it to level 15, open the gift box, unseal the map scroll and place your alternate character at nera town.

So when you need anything for your pet, just login to your alternate character to buy it and transfer them through warehouse to your main.

More information can be found in the pet thread

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