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Free Realms is having an in game concert on Server 1 on the Snow-hill stage June 2nd at 4pm Pacific. Free Realms Insider is having a walk party at 4 PM Pacific Time (7 PM Eastern Time) on Sunday, May 31st.

Sounds like fun but a little sad for us in Europe who will find these hours hard to make. Perhaps later on we will see some events for us, we might end up waiting until there are European servers however.

We can watch the Dares video on the Free Realms Insider website. Its an entertaining watch with a lot of in game shots. Its surprising how simular the Dares in game versions are to their real life versions. Perhaps their all American looks were considered when the male Toons were being developed.

Its not really the same as a large scale player meet-up, and the lack of encouragements to meet up has been commented on by the blogging community. I would expect to start seeing more player generated events as soon as Clubs (guilds/clans) become supported. I might even have a reason to use my 2 Million Member Party Pack at that point. I love the unshaved Ewe items they gave us. Check your claim section for your own pack, no code needed!

Watch the forums for the odd small scale meet-up. Last night Server 1 at Sanctuary there was a lot of players around chatting. It was the first time I had ran into such a large amount of players in any one area, since the second day of release.

I’ve seen a few posts about players leaving wow for the game, I can see why. There is something simular about the freedom and variety of the world. You wander along a path and find a new area with something new to look at, some new npc with a quest or a new rare exploration. I was questing in Seaside the other day and found a quest that sent me to pick up a ball down on a beach I had not been on yet. I also found a quest that puts you into two disguises, one which is not very good for the summer.

There is something about Seaside, it really feels like the sun is shining down and the water and sand are at your feet. When I portal in I swap to my orange flip flops (quest reward in seaside) and beach clothes and scamper about in the water. I’m crossing my fingers for a vendor of beach clothes to open on the sands. There is a lot to see and do. Watch out for a white whale being sighted in the bay. It might be a reference to a famous book! There is also a quest to take a look from a thatched gezabo. If you look out to sea you can also sometime see ships on the horizon as well as the colourful balloons overhead.

Since its Summertime please everyone enjoy the weather! Beach party on Server one folks!

I downloaded the 14 day trial for Eve Online. I like Taikodom and all the posts at West Karana is breaking me. I want to try it and see if I like it.

I tried Everquest two a while ago on  14 day trial. Lots to like but nothing that made me sign up over the free to play games I’ve been spending my time on.

I’m also hoping through making an effort to broaden my horizons and try lots of different games that I will learn more about how games work in general.


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Here is a picture of the cloud you get at level 11-12 in Ether Saga.

Perfect world genie resets are out.

That will be pretty handy. I like the idea of the genie.

There is a nice information post about the genies on the forums here

Closed beta keys are out!


In Ether Saga you get a cloud as part of your training quests in order to be able to fly.

If you keep following the training quests then you will find it. Its usually around level 11-12. I got to it at level 15.

You get set to to Zola/Ziola and they give you the sealed cloud. I will try redoing this on an alt and take pictures.

More information

How to get your wings.

Again this can be found in the Game play guides in the forum. There is a lot of good pictures so I would advise taking a look.

Especially as you will want to know which wings or balloons to pick.

At level 24 a quest will open up from Farouk (wizard guy) located in Alker Harbor. After completing his quest it will open up 4 choices of quest for you to choose which wing you want. A wing is a back item which gives a speed boost to your movement speed. Level 25 wing gives 17%, cash shop wings give 30% while level 50 wings gives 35% speed boost , the effects are permanent as long as you are wearing your wing.

Note: While you can complete the quest at level 24 the wings are level 25 items. You can only complete the quest once but the wings are tradeable items and can be sold/player stalled. In fact there’s a thriving secondary market for wings (some people just wanna collect them all).

Note: NPC names might change in GPotato version. All the npcs are found in Alker Harbor.

Piellanshar (Bank girl) gives Balloon wing.
Tierre (Rogue girl) gives Black Wing.
Tasartia gives Airship/Zeppelin Wing.
Celerian (Family NPC) gives White wing.

How to get your level 50 big wings

Making your level 50 wings are simple but can take a lot of time and money to find/buy/trade/farm all the materials you need to make the wings. You need:

Note: Item names might/will change in the GPotato version.

Angel wing feather x3
Wool cloth x40
Fairy’s five colored skein of thread x4
High quality sapphire x3 for white wings or High quality opal x3 for black wings

Once you have all the materials, simply drag one of the Angel wing feather to the compound window, hit compound and viola .. you got your level 50 wings!

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