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Rohan unicorn

Runes of Magic
Rom Unicorn

I’d need to level an elf in Rohan. Very doable as I’m still low level on my dragon girl.

In ROM I have to wait for them to be back in the cash shop and then I’ll buy one for my multiboxing pair. Yipee!

I haven’t picked a main character in this game yet.
My highest is a warrior so far.

I have all the games for it I think as they were being sold cheaply.

The april fools event in this game was very funny. Everyone was a chibi girl with a huge head.

I’m planning to play this game on and off for fun, the great thing about f2p games. 😀

We can talk about it now 🙂 And I am in the beta.

There are two races, fairys and humans. I made a human.  If your not a member you are allowed 1 character. If you are a member you can have 3.

If you have sony station access for everquest and everquest 2, then you are already a member. I am not, but its a nice deal if I decide on it later on.

You have jobs, so you can be every class if your a member. If your not a member you can have about half the classes. Most of the member classes seem more designed for dungeons. Most of the non member classes are more casual.

There are mini games. Some are fun. Some get a bit dull. I like the cook class but I can never make the times trials for any of the food recipes.

One quest involved doing one mini game 9 times. People were not very happy with that quest.

You can explore, but you cant pick ingredients everywhere. Its only in certain spots.

Reached level 16 knight/15 warrior

I am farming the materials for the second level 15 elite skill. Going to take me a while this week to gather it all.

Bought a nice blue armour set. Top looks a bit dumb but not hugely dump. It really does look like a top rather than armour, but its not a bikini.

Was very disapointed by the costumes added to the game. The developers are really showing they don’t get female players. Which is disappointing with so many european gamers being female. I can avoid their terrible item designs at the moment, but if it really starts to annoy me I’ll just move game.

I’m enjoying a few games at the moment, so it would not be too tough to make the move.

Made a new character and reached the city again.

Its still pretty fun second time through. Havent reached the point of picking any classes yet. I plan to buy a pet from the cash shop this time too.

I still really like the little flying pigs you kill. They are so kawaii. And its always fun to kill cute monesters.

This new character is the flying race, and I’m happier with her looks than my old one.


I’m a sad panda about this game and the instances.
Most of my quest log is filled with quests for the one place

But the game has no PUG system and no one seems to be going there. So I don’t seem able to get rid of them. My class is a tank but I do not yet have a healing pet which is not helpful.

I’m about level 16 now. So I am at the level to tame pets, however I have not had luck yet to get a healing one.

Playing this week

  • Guild Wars
  • Disgaia 3