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There is a nice contest on at the moment on DOMO that gives out a free Sara pet.

Every hero has a noble steed or fearless companion which makes them greater than they could ever be alone. Here’s your chance to share the story of you and your pet’s greatest triumph or defeat, your most hilarious moment or times of sorrow. Just write us a story about your character and their favorite pet (or the pet you wish you had) and the 3 best stories will receive a P/T Sara of your choice.

How we score the stories:
10 pts. for the title
20 pts. for amount of humor/drama
20 pts. that special something that makes your story memorable
(we’ll take into account reader comments on that last one, you can even link us to where you posted your story on MySpace or Facebook and we’ll look at the comments there too)
One entry per account
Story must have a title
Story length less than 500 words (we have to be able to read them all)
Do not violate the ToS
Do not use the work of anyone else (that’s called plagiarism)
Your story must be set in the DoMO universe using your character
Post stories by 7:00pm PDT 5/16 to this thread along with which sara you’d like and your server choice.

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Check out this fun contest where people picked theme songs for gms. The different music linked is fun to listen too.

You can also get a signature made, or just get ideas for your own design in their art section.

This user made a review of domo after playing for a year.


DOMO sent me an email advertising their Halloween events.

Aeria Games is proud to announce the Halloween event is in DoMO. Be sure to come back to DoMO and check out the Halloween Event!

4 New NPC’s
New Daily Halloween Quests
Decorations in Eversun
New Costumes
And More!

The email also include two Halloween wallpapers. More halloween wallpapers can be found on a forum thread.

They have also added their treasure hunting system, which involves killing so many mobs in an area in order for a chest to drop.

There is also a halloween quest guide up on in the general forums for domo. The rumour is if you do them you get a bunny hat. I’m not sure whats the recommended class level.

This guide is pretty good on etiquette.
Some of the rules are similar to any game of that type.

Luring is grabbing agro (threat, the monsters hate) and bringing into into an area for aoe (area of effect) attacks.

Its common in games like perfect world, ether saga, domo etc

Ifs considered rude to kill someones monster once they are luring it. In some games a monster does not grey out when the lured grabs its attention, so the kill stealer gets the experience and items. So manners become very important.

The rule against cursing, is not true for all guilds in all games. However its a common rule, most guilds know that it makes the players look bad and that younger games play the game too.

Plus it can get really annoying to hear someone swearing away or talking about rude things when you are playing. Its also considered rude to ignore or mute a guild mate, so these rules help avoid the need for this.

I’ve been the guilds where the gm would talk about bathroom breaks in a rude way, that gets very very old very fast.

beasts verses people domo

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Some of the pets in DOMO are so cute. From time to time the game has promotions to help people get the special edition pets.

I have only the normal water/sapphire pet, Its pretty adoreable.

It was so funny as an egg jumping at my enemy’s and its cute now as a baby jumping at them.

I find with the monsters you can trap and use once I don’t use often (as I hate using once off items, unless I get a lot of them). I’d love taming the wild animals permanently though.

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I was taking a look at Neosteam EU a few days ago. I was surprised how old this game looks. It looks like everquest, much older than DOMO.

The little pets however look rather like the pets in LUNA that are not yet in the game. I’m not sure how steam punk is the game yet either.

Allos online is also going to be steam punk. So maybe that will be really steampunk from the start.

Neosteam wiki

The red cord/line, is a red cord of destiny in the game. It means you have a connection with that person love/friend/rival/enemy.

The dead people wrapped a wooden wrap are zombies in the game.

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😀 Blast from the past

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