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There is a nice contest on at the moment on DOMO that gives out a free Sara pet.

Every hero has a noble steed or fearless companion which makes them greater than they could ever be alone. Here’s your chance to share the story of you and your pet’s greatest triumph or defeat, your most hilarious moment or times of sorrow. Just write us a story about your character and their favorite pet (or the pet you wish you had) and the 3 best stories will receive a P/T Sara of your choice.

How we score the stories:
10 pts. for the title
20 pts. for amount of humor/drama
20 pts. that special something that makes your story memorable
(we’ll take into account reader comments on that last one, you can even link us to where you posted your story on MySpace or Facebook and we’ll look at the comments there too)
One entry per account
Story must have a title
Story length less than 500 words (we have to be able to read them all)
Do not violate the ToS
Do not use the work of anyone else (that’s called plagiarism)
Your story must be set in the DoMO universe using your character
Post stories by 7:00pm PDT 5/16 to this thread along with which sara you’d like and your server choice.

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It runs until the 6th of February. Hand in one green, one blue and one red gem to Mr Duncan. First 100 on each server each day get a pet.

I have started trying for a pet. I have only one green gem so far as I have not played for much since open beta. However this is reachable so I must try to play more before the event is over.

You can read more about the pet event on the event section of the website.

Check out this pet sayings thread. They are really funny.

my pet told me when he gets old he wants to farm chickens

aurelian spirit: I’m so broke I live in a piggy bank

clawpus cobrahead: My dear, if you give me some spinach, I’ll impresonate popeye.

No pet sadly 😦

Wizard101 Central Facebook Challenge Ends

We’re so proud of how hard everyone worked on the Wizard101 Central Facebook challenge! We’re sorry that the top level goals of the Krok Hammock and the Danger Hound were not reached, but we’re glad that we reached the first goal of 25 000 Facebook fans. Everyone who participated will receive the reward for the first goal: 2500 gold!

As we mentioned, over the next two weeks, the prize will be distributed through Wizard101 Central, to the email address that you used when you registered for the site. You will be given a unique code that belongs only to you. To redeem that code, log in to Wizard101.com the website and click Redeem Card or Code. Follow the instructions for a Promotional Code and the next time you log in to the game, your gold will be waiting for you.

Also I had not see on the news page this

Have you seen the new fountain in the Ravenwood Commons?

Must take a look tonight.

West Karana has a great Happy Birthday post.

I was looking in the housing vendor the other day in wizard city for things for my room and I saw they have banners for birthdays and a cake. Perfect for the event! 🙂

Here is the post on the Wizard 101 website.

The friendly necromancer has a post too. Look at the cake!

Wizard 101 also has a party planning site. How neat 😀 I’ve seen and been at a few in game parties too.

Diary of a Wizard has a birthday post and a guide to help you get the facebook pet.

Also take a look at Slyvia Drake one of the greatest life wizards of all time. If you haven’t done the quest where you learn about her in wizard city. Do it. Do it now.

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