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Warhammer is sending out 10 day trials again.

I’ve a call to arms in my mailbox mentioning my highest level character that I got in the free month with the game box.

Character name: Aineya
Career: Swordmaster
Realm: Order
Rank: 16
Renown rank: 12

I might go back. I got pretty bored of the samey gameplay with very little other things to do.

The area I was in was really depressing to. The world was all destroyed and all the quests had horrible things happening to order.

Hmm I might go see it again anyway. However I’m not sure if its fixable what I grew to dislike.

Update: yep I level really slowly in games.  I have friends that would be level 20 on the first day of playing.

Turned rank 16 in warhammer the other night

Then got distracted by runes of magic where I was one level off their duel class system, 1 level of warrior and 6 levels of paladin later  I head back to warhammer.

Tonight I go for reknown in Orvr, currently I’m sitting at level 12 reknown so I have some catching up to do.

I found a strange rock with a snotling (terrible name) near it. It was in the high elf area near some bears I think.

I moved the rock and something happened (it wasn’t clear) and I got a title “the peculiar”. Odd but cool.

I logged in and found my main server full.
As I am new I did not know why.
So I went to another server and decided to try a female dwarf runepriest (they have great hair).

Imagine my surprise when I saw all these slayer dwarfs around.
I was thinking, who are all these people? Why are they running around almost naked?

Then I remembered about the slayers and choppas. I fought many a choppa in the scenarios.

I really felt like I was adventuring finding my way to the auction house.

First I had to find if there was one.
Then I had to find where a city was.
Then I had to find where the flightmaster was.
Then I had to save the money for the trip and the items to sell.

Then off I went 😀

I found a dead unicorn in the woods in the High elf lands.

The quest sadly was to avenge its death and not save it.

(if your wondering why I didn’t know it was dead, was because if you click on it, it neighs)

However this gives me great hope for the possibility of unicorn mounts at higher levels.

I’ve been in games with dragon mounts and hippogriff mounts and kirin mounts and many with bear mounts.

But oh would a unicorn be cool.

I don’t know 😦

Its very sad.

Slayers and Choppas are not women 😦


Since you have to stick with order or destruction once you pick the first one, and there are only so many english servers, its very important where your friends play.

I picked for my main salvaging and talisman making. From salvaging I find curios, containers and fragments.


I joined my first guild recently.

If you join a guild you pay a tax to the guild. Currently my guild gets 5% of all the money I make.

As I make very little I do not mind.

I have heard rumours of guild mounts. That might be fun. I am very much looking forward to my elven pony at 20!

I hear rumours my pony will be white and elf like

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