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Read about the guild wars stand against bots.

As with this current round of enforcement, we may ban users of a particular hack in batches in order to better disguise our methods, but there is no expiration date for breaches of the User Agreement or RoC. If you cheat today, your account may be terminated at any time in the future.

Massively also has a post on the recent banning by Dhuum of 3700 accounts.

Here’s an actual account we just terminated: 2,469 hours, 38 titles, 913 plat, 268 ecto, Eternal Legendary Vanquisher monument, Mini Gwen, Chaos Gloves, Mallyx’s Strife, The Holy Avenger, etc., etc. It’s all gone now. Forever.

I feel sad for the little mini gwen, gone with her parent into oblivion.

You can read the may update notes now.

Have you had a chance to visit the new Pet Pavilion just off the Ravenwood Commons?
Everyone can participate, however you must be at least level 7 to enter the Pet Pavilion. If you are at least level 7 please talk to Merle Ambrose for more information.

The Pet Pavilion is a wondrous place where pets can be trained, hatched, and can even race against each other. Pets are capable of an amazing variety of tasks. The Pet Pavilion is the ideal place to learn about them!

Yesterdays patch notes are on the forum.

We now have faction chat. You will see this in the channel section. You can not enable it if you do not yet have a faction. It appears to be as a sort of global chat channel, and to help add to joining a faction.

Added a subscription based faction specific chat channel.

Also very useful is this

Added text on the item examination window for skill books whether the knowledge has been learned or not.

Now its clear if you have that book or not.

/tell is currently not working.

Here is the most recent fallen earth trailer.

Its cool where you are at the point in a game, when you can say “know that, been there, killed that”.


You can now get cheese blocks, cloud blocks and bridges. Isnt that nice?

The clans are meeting on friday june the 11th to talk about the state of the game and lots of other things.

Friday, June 11th at 7PM central, 8PM eastern.
To invite all Fallen Earth clans to join in a round-table discussion about the current status of the FE community as well as what we would like to see in the future. Hopefully, all to ensure the continued health of the community. In addition, we will be discussing current features and their impact on the game community overall.

Its clan leaders+1 so the rest of us will just have to ask someone to see whats occurs. Or maybe someone will report back?

In game I am currently questing in linewood and finished the quests for the one near oilville.

You can read the latest update notes that are out.

Check out this article for hints at the lore behind the hoverboards.

Lead up to the dwarven area being released I would suspect. Expect the new sandy area being on its way.

I may have decided I love Moosh’s comments on fallen earth.

There’s a book called Craft Pen. Buy it. Make pens. They’re stupid expensive, especially considering the fact that the book costs less than the price of two pens.
They don’t even have nasty ingredients, and they stack nicely in the bank for when you need them.”

“And when the time comes to leave our 2by4 for something a little less brutally unpolished, such as a sword, there will be a heart-felt decommissioning ceremony, with tears, testimonials, and a lone bugler playing the last post.”

“The shortest route between two points is via all the resource nodes.”

“When questioned, the NPCs explained that they were a little radical in their faction’s combat philosophy, and gave a good reason why (Gosh, we find firearms to be rather efficacious in ranged combat, duckie).”

Perfect world has had some updates and are also giving extra XP.

Double EXP Event!

Summer is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate than with a double EXP event? For the last 2 weeks of May, that’s exactly what we’re going to do!
2x EXP, 2x Spirit, and 2x Items during the dates of May 18, 2010 01:00AM PDT until June 1, 2010 01:00AM PDT. Don’t miss out!

Maybe I should do a quote of the week?

But I write this because one day as I was foraging vegetables, a man approached me. Dressed in ragged clothing similar to my own, I presumed him to be the owner of the farm, readying my pistol only to find some cosmic force preventing me from willingly drawing my only means of defense. The man, however, simply approached me, extended his arm, and shook my own. When he spoke, I felt myself awash in heat, his voice reminding me of the depictions of God on the various radio shows, yet not as low pitched. He said;
“You have proven yourself to be a masterful survivalist, and you have foraged more than a thousand fruits, vegetables, and various other plants. For this, I want to give you a special reward.”
He reached into his pocket and retrieved an egg, which I immediately recognized as a prairie chicken egg, and number of chips reminiscent of my own poker-chip currency. Handing each individually to me, he turned and was gone in the blink of an eye. I will still remember his departing words;
“Keep hold of those. You will find use for them in the near future.”


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