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Just as a warning I am going to post a series of pictures of the different mounts you can buy in free realms.

Owls, groundhogs, Spotted T-Rex, Scaled Dragon are now live.

Its also being said that

Horses are the next Rides scheduled to be released, with more types of transportation in the works.

swimming mount

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The dragons can also swim as well as fly low to the ground. The dragon pets can too, as you can see.


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Here is a picture of my character with the dragon pet and mount.

Whoo hoo.

We have dinosaur and dragon mounts.

What’s better than owning a T-Rex? How about riding a T-Rex…or a Dragon!

Starting today Members can purchase “Rides” from the Station Cash Marketplace.

There are T-Rex and Dragon rides in various colors. These awesome creatures will get you around the world of Free Realms fast and in style…if you can hold on!

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