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Rohan unicorn

Runes of Magic
Rom Unicorn

I’d need to level an elf in Rohan. Very doable as I’m still low level on my dragon girl.

In ROM I have to wait for them to be back in the cash shop and then I’ll buy one for my multiboxing pair. Yipee!

Wandered into the dark elf area while exploring on my high elf.

I had climbed a mountain past some eagles and their nest and next I knew I was in enemy territory.

I found that they had wild unicorns. How come they get them and we dont? Well at least the unicorns hate them. I saw one little dark elf fighting one. The unicorn won 🙂

I found a dead unicorn in the woods in the High elf lands.

The quest sadly was to avenge its death and not save it.

(if your wondering why I didn’t know it was dead, was because if you click on it, it neighs)

However this gives me great hope for the possibility of unicorn mounts at higher levels.

I’ve been in games with dragon mounts and hippogriff mounts and kirin mounts and many with bear mounts.

But oh would a unicorn be cool.

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