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Apparently the women looked too much like normal women and not enough like toons.

There has been some complaints

I agree with giving more players more choices, I disagree with making everyone have to look “more feminine”. What there is a chance someone could look androgynous? How terrible. That never happens in real life.

Seems to me that it’s not unreasonable to suggest that these new faces should be additions, rather than replacements. Then all would be pleased, no?

That would have been a smarter way of doing it.

One player said

Hm playing male char which looks i customized whole day with pauses. As in made him, entered game, delete him, made him, entered game, delete him. Wouldn’t like they changed he’s looks with patches. wouldn’t delete him tho, i would just walk around with bag on my face at all times What i want to say there is ppl like starter of this thread and me that treasures he’s character looks !

I don’t think I’d want to play a character, I don’t like the look of. I couldn’t play a blood elf in wow as I hated their looks and sounds and animations.

They do give you a 7 day bag in Luna Online, however its not really the way to go….

I caught a glimse of my new face when i logged out and screamed AAAH in pure terror because that was not the face i had chosen. After that i couldnt get back in.

I was trying the trial for Ryzom.
I kind of like the game play.

However your character stars with a little skirt, which I had no issue with as its pretty ok and the males start with one too.However I made it my aim to buy pants straight away, so I bought medium leather pants.

What did it turn out to be? Leggings and a tong. Medium leather top? Bikini.

Whats my warrior wearing? The equivalent of a couple of hankies.

Fail people, seriously utter fail. Ryzom cope on and fix that.

Until then I’d avoid it, you can get simular gameplay without that rubbish from other games, ex wow, lotro, everquest 2.

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I don’t know 😦

Its very sad.

Slayers and Choppas are not women 😦

I was running around on my first chaos alt and very quickly I missed having pants.

In other games while the starting clothes are also terrible looking, the first quest or two give better clothes.

My little witch elf girl, started in a loin cloth and bikini top so I was very hopeful for something more covering.

So I opened a ticket in the hope of news of pants. I got no reply in game but today saw in my mail, an answer from the gms. I would hear news of pants!


Dear Customer,

There are no long pants for Witch elves in the game.

For any further queries don’t hesitate to contact us via the in game Ticket system.

Kind Regards,

WAR European Customer Support Team

Currently there is no pants !!! 😦

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