Exploring War Like Worlds.


I game hop a lot. I make a lot of alts. I spend a lot of time chatting, exploring and taking screenshots.   Here is some information on some of my current characters.

Free Realms

Raven Shadowsong
Adventurer {16}, Archer {7}, Blacksmith {7}, Brawler {6}, Card Dualist {1}, Chef {20}, Demo Derby Driver {1}, Fisherman {20}, Football Star {1}. Kart Driver {2}, Medic {3}, Miner {15}, Ninja {15}, Pet Trainer {20}, Postman {20}, Warrior {5}, Wizard {7}
Collections Started: 182
Collections Finished: 22

In the equivalent of endgame. Slowly maxing out the classes. Has a small wilds house that is fully decorated and a small apartment. Has a dragon ride and 5 pets.

Guild Wars

Warrior/Monk is level 20.

Preparing for Ascension in the Prophecies campaign. Collecting miniatures (5) and heroes 11 (Ogden Stonehealer, Vekk, Gwen, Jora, Koss, Dunkoro, Melonni, Acolyte Sousuke, Tahlkora, Zenmai, MOX).

Ranger/Dervish is level 18.

In the nightfall campaign. Currently has 2 heroes.

Monk/Mesmer is level 20

In the factions campaign. After Weh no Su. Bought the armour from Kaineng City. Heroes 4 (Ogden Stonehealer, Vekk, Gwen, MOX) .

Ritualist/Ranger is level 10.

In the factions campaign.

Fallen Earth

Rifle character level 20.
AP: 470
Faction: Not picked.

Enjoying exploring sector 1 and crafting.


Elf Minstrel is 36. Has a pony,  second name, rpg backround and a premium house. Likes fishing.
Human Guardian level 18.
Hobbit Burgler level 17.
Elf Loremaster level 11.
Elf Runekeeper level 10.
Human Captain level 7.

Perfect World

Untamed Panda Barbarian is 21

Ether Saga

“Luminous Legend”
Female Dragoon 24 has wings.
“Struck by Lightning”
Female Ranger 19 has bunny mount.

Jade Dynasty

Banba, Human, Vim, 30

Wizard 101

Life Wizard is level 13

Has a few pets. Wears green clothing. Has a dorm room.

D&D Online

Cleric is level 2.


Adventure Profession : Assassin (17)
Artisan Class : Scholar (11)
Race : Kerra
AA: 12
Race : Fae
Adventure Profession : Warden (12)
Artisan Class : artisan (9)
Race : Erudite
Adventure Profession : Templar (5)
Artisan Class : Unskilled (1)

(waiting on a friend to resub)

Assassin level 13
Templer level 10

Champions Online
(not currently subbed)

Gadgeteer is level 12 in canada.

Wow (retired)

80 druid
80 priest
70 hunter

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