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Lord of the Rings Online: Trial

Posted on: June 24, 2009

I had picked up the full game for this cheaply, so I am taking the trial first.

I got to say its fun. Its very very fun. The introduction’s are very engaging. I’m reminded of the warhammer dwarf starting area. You really feel like your part of the story. I’d recommend downloading the trial and taking a look, you will see what I mean.

The graphics are not very good, I’d say a lot of free to play games look better, however the fun is very high. The character models also are not very good. The elves seem more like hobbits, as do the humans. The hobbit women seem more like dwarf women which are not in the game.

The clothes on the characters look very funny but they look a lot like real clothes and are not embarassing or dumb. Lotro has been called the land of the silly hats and my friends agree. I love the silly hats though, they amuse me to no end.

I have played the elf and human starting area and created a hobbit. I won’t try the dwarf area as I don’t play male characters usually.

The classes are interesting. Minstel is my favorite so far. You can play notes by pressing the number keys on your keyboard after typing /music and return. The attacks also make musical sounds.
You can also learn new instruments which is nice. I started with a lute.


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