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Something strange happened in runes of magic

I saw that place too!

It is very cute. Not DOMO cute but very cute

He also noticed

The names of the servers are all in Irish

Smacht (Smockhd): Discipline or Grip
Macantacht (Mackanockht): Honesty
Siochain (Sheeockhawn): Peace (Yes this is a PVE server)
Tuath (too..ah): Country
Cogadh(kug..ah): War (PVP server of course)
Laoch (Layuckh): Warrior or Hero
Muinin(Moo..inin): Confidence
Aontacht(Aye..on..tockht): Unity

Which I found strange but nice.

There are some nice stories in the shadowlands, but I find it hard to read the quest text, my mind wanders and I hand it in without reading it.

The gloom of the area is getting to me.

One of the stories I did read was of a female high elf archmage who lead her people to the sea by working huge feats of magic. Then they were trapped by the sea and were going to die and she sang a song.

Nice but gloomy. It would be better if there were some happier stories to balance it with but no.

Meanwhile in a quest in Runes of Magic had me collecting beetle flesh for a cook for her to cook soup for her boyfriend, who then returned the favour by having me collect beetle eyes to make a necklace for her.


Turned rank 16 in warhammer the other night

Then got distracted by runes of magic where I was one level off their duel class system, 1 level of warrior and 6 levels of paladin later  I head back to warhammer.

Tonight I go for reknown in Orvr, currently I’m sitting at level 12 reknown so I have some catching up to do.

achievements are like girl guide badges

“Oooo, I got the ‘Killed 100 Beastmen’ badge, I’ll sew that one on to my armour tonight!”

I tried to try Orvr again the other night. When I press the respond to rallycall button, my game crashed.
I reloaded and tried again, same thing.

So I opened a bug report. Apparently I need to reset my interface to default settings? But I have not changed from default settings. Sooooo…

Anyway when I reloaded for the third time and finished the bug report. I found the quests and scouted the points to capture. Maybe today I can try more.

Its an odd thing coming from Perfect World (where 3million is a lot), Warcraft (where 5000 is a lot), Guild wars (where 300,000 is a lot), to warhammer, where hearing on the forums that 140g for an item is overpriced.

Is gold that hard to get? I have 15g already?

My character on Ether saga hit 6.

I’m really having fun with their pet system. At 15 I’ll be able to tame other pets so I’ll see how it goes.

My character is a Dragoon Shenzu girl.

Dragoons use a Spear as their weapon and wear heavy armour. If they dps they use a dps pet. If they tank they use a healer pet.

Dragoon is a melee combat class with high HP and defense, moderate attack and hitting accuracy, common critical strike, low dodge and capable of group attack.

They are supposed to be good for beginners and fighting with the spear is fun.

To explain in the game, you start with a pet. Each race has a different pet they start with. However you can later on tame those pets. As part of the first 20 levels you will tame some more pets and be taught to use them.

Ether Saga

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