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Lord of the Rings: Summer festival

Posted on: June 25, 2009

I still do not want to go back to warcraft, even with the midsummer festival on.

I have noticed in Lotro that their own summer festival is on, which I had not known about. On the trial I can not get mail, so the festival mail is not accessiable. I also do not know where to go as a new player.

Apparently some will be trying for a litha pony. However as I will not be level 35 I think thats more for another year.

I have take a look at the festival guide on the lotro site but I can not say I understand how to get there.

I like festivals in game, but I find that if I am new to the game, or casual with the game they can be hard to find and to know what to do for.

I have taken part in some of the runes of magic festivals. They were reasonable accessible but a bit grindy and not so fun. Repeatedly opening barrels, or killing mobs for drops gets dull.


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