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This article on Able Gamer is well worth reading.
I’m an AbleGamer and Did Not Even Know It!

I discovered that while I do not have the same physical issue as a one-handed gamer might have, our solutions might be the same. While I am not legally blind in either eye, I would still benefit from having font options built into my game.

To me, this is not about gamers that are rare or not your “average gamer”, this is about exactly the opposite. Many more people are actually disabled in some minor way that a truly realize it. Accessibility is something that will benefit all of the gaming community not just the AbleGamers that are visibly disabled.

My eyesight is limited, so larger fonts help me a lot. I remember when playing Fallen Earth, one of the common questions in the help chat, was how to increase the font size; so it does not seem like I am the only one.

When I’m tired from low iron levels, I find the free to play, click to move feature very useful.

I never get the people to argue against features that allow more people to play the game.

Its pretty weird that some people seem to think that standing up against a bigoted person or organisation is considered unfair. Thats pretty normal. It what was done by the world to help get equal rights in South Africa. Whats so odd against doing so to help gay people today?

Its also odd that while gaygamer did not recommend a boycott that they are being blamed for one. While I don’t think a games company should be surprised that if they work with a bigoted person that their work should be boycotted, I think gaygamer did a nice thing of recommending that if you buy the game, you also donate to a gay helpful charity.

Personally I would not buy a game that works with a bigoted person (racism, sexism, homophobia, etc) if I knew about it. I mean its not like its acceptable, what he does to try to get rid of a persons rights would be a crime in some countries.


And the best gaming article of the year goes to Sydera.

Very well written.

Equality ought to be easier, not harder, to achieve in the game world, but the opposite is true.

Lets try very hard to work for that equality.


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