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The everquest 2 passport seems like a nice idea done probally in the wrong way.

I’d say it would be  more popular if the days were separated or if  you could used it in blocks of hours.

Biobreak has a good write up

“EQII Passport” is sort of a lite version of the EQ2 subscription: you pay $5 a month to get 3 days of game time.


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I think my Kerra will go to East Freeport for the Erollisi Day festival. She is an evil character and the guild house is in freeport.

Erollisi day items are available.

Being new to a game always means wondering where do I go for the festivals.
However the eqtraders link above helps make that clear. I just need to pick which character will I get to one of the locations.

I had fun at the city festival (once I figured out what I had to do) and got some items for my kerras house.

EQ2 is a very complex game, its taking a while to learn to walk the walk. I am begining to learn a bit about the queen of qeynos (the false queen) and the now defeated overlord Lucan D’lere.

One of my characters (Kerran) is in Gorowyn (“nice place to start off but you dont want to live there” -guildy). I just found out recently that good characters can visit it even though its an evil city.

My other character is in Kelethin and is a fae. Its a good city. Apparently the merchants will not talk to evil characters but they can walk around everywhere but the court. I accidently already found its betrayal quest, but I don’t want to betray so I am ignoring the quest giver.

My guild is helping me a lot with learning how to play the game and be less lost. They are super.

You can check out the list of City Festival Reward Items reward items on zam.

Currently its in the city of Gorowyn (feb 1-7) in the Timorous Deep. I have a toon there so I will take a look.

EverQuest 2 for E2.50 on steam? Very nice. I picked up one for me and one for a friend. 30 days play for that amount is a great deal.

eq2 fairy

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Everquest 2 and Free Realms, otherwise known as games with fairy’s in them. Everquest 2 also lets you be an evil fairy that turns good.

So I wondered, what other games let you be a fairy?

Pixie Hollow is aimed for younger players but does not look as fun as free realms.

Beyond that I found some games with fairy-like creatures as pets, or where you could buy fairy wings.

It seems that only a few games offer them as a class or race.

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