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You can read about the events on the luck of the irish event page

However funnily enough the only thing schedule for Saint Patricks day is maintance 😀

Wednesday (3/17)
Scheduled Server Maintenance (10:00pm PST) – The servers will be offline for scheduled server maintenance beginning at 10:00pm PST. Stop by Facebook when maintenance starts to participate in the weekly trivia event for a chance to win a Lucky 77 Box or Rank 3 EXP Scrolls and stay tuned for more maintenance details on Wednesday morning.

There is a fishing competition running this week in luna online.

The river running through the Alker Farm Region has become polluted! Too many of the Blue Land’s heroes are dumping their trash in this once pristine river, causing the garbage to pile up. At this rate, soon the fish won’t be able to survive in these disgusting waters, and it’s up to every adventurer with a fishing pole to save the day!

The Nera Royal Research Center is offering rewards to any Blue Land residents that fish Shiny Garbage out of the Alker Farm Region. The first 10 players to do so each day will receive a Pet Costume Box that rewards one random 30-day pet costume item. Best of all, every player that fishes up a shining garbage during the event period will automatically be entered in a raffle to win an advanced pet of their choice. Advanced pets are just like normal pets, but are guaranteed to start with 4 skill slots, and are the only pets able to acquire the maximum 6 skill slots!

When and Where?

Both Servers – Alker Farm Region
Tuesday, March 9th – 12:00am PST – 11:59pm PST
Wednesday March 10th – 12:00am PST – 11:59pm PST
Thursday March 11th – 12:00am PST – 11:59pm PST
Friday March 12th – 12:00am PST – 11:59pm PST
Saturday March 13th – 12:00am PST – 11:59pm PST
Sunday March 14th – 12:00am PST – 11:59pm PST

How to Participate?

Head to the Alker Farm Region, grab a fishing pole and some bait from Fishercat, and start fishing! Fishing results will be recorded and announced the following day.

How to fish?
Check this post

Farouk’s Apprentice has got himself in trouble again! While on his way to the Distorted Crack to run some experiments for his master Farouk, he dropped his Magical Flame near the Howling Caves. The flame shattered as it hit the rocky ground, causing hordes of angry monsters to appear out of thin air! Now he needs your help to defeat the monsters and seal the portal before Tarintus himself is set free. Or worse… Before Farouk finds out what he’s done!

The howling ravine event details can be found in the news section.

The days and times are:

Crescent Server – Howling Ravine (Channel 3)
Tuesday, February 2nd – 11:00am PST
Thursday, February 4th – 4::00pm PST

Eclipse Server – Howling Ravine (Channel 3)
Wednesday, February 3rd – 11:00am PST
Friday, February 5th – 4::00pm PST

Just to remind you of the double xp event in luna this weekend.

Saturday (1/30)
Happy Hour – 2x EXP! (6:00pm – 8:00pm PST) – Log on and level up with help from this 2x EXP event!

Where is the red haired orc outpost?

Go to

alker harbor > ruins of draconian > zakandia outpost > tarintus > moon blind forest > moon blind swamp > red orc outpost

It can be made pretty easily at level 28.

How do I buy pet stuff since its only sold at Nera which is a high level area?

Try to level an alternate character, and level it to level 15, open the gift box, unseal the map scroll and place your alternate character at nera town.

So when you need anything for your pet, just login to your alternate character to buy it and transfer them through warehouse to your main.

More information can be found in the pet thread

When you start up luna the client has an option to change blue/black/pink. Sometimes after updates it will reset itself and you need to set it back.

While you should know:

by saphars
Fact: Gray is the best interface color to choose.

If you have not been playing recently you might not know the 4th major content update is out.

It went live on the 10th of December.

With Nera surrounded on all sides by powerful demons, the Priestess Luna has issued a call for the bravest warriors in the Blue Land to defend the besieged city from destruction. Rise to the challenge and unlock your next job class to defeat the forces of evil and protect the Blue Land from annihilation!
New Level Cap: 120 – Prepare for the next exciting chapter of your Luna Online adventure with 21 additional levels.
3 New Maps: Nera Harbor, Grave of Knights, and Great Garden – Battle pirates, ghosts, and giant insects as you explore new areas filled with deadly new foes ready to invade Nera Castle!
5th Job Class – Customize your character and unlock your 5th job class to wield powerful new spells and abilities! Become a Paladin, Sniper, Necromancer, and more!

So the 5th jobs are out. If your like me and its not your main game, there is more content now ahead of you to catch up.

The schedule for this week includes

Thursday (12/17)
Christmas Event – It’s the holidays in the Blue Land and time to join the residents of Alker Harbor and Nera Castletown in celebration!

Luna Online are having a sale for black friday. They have a page up for it.

One week from today on Friday, November 27 (Black Friday), we’re pulling out all the stops in Luna’s biggest sale ever!

Three new permanent costumes (plus one classic costume), Rank 4 EXP Scrolls (+100%), and the item everyone’s been asking for – Lucky 77 Boxes – are all coming to the Luna Online Item Shop!

Visit the Black Friday Event Page now for all the info on the new Chibi Goth, Cowboy, and Native American permanent costumes and all the other cool new items arriving in the Item Shop on Black Friday. And be sure to check out the Lucky 77 Box guide to see all of the weapons, armor, costumes, and accessories waiting to be discovered in these amazing boxes.

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