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Speedway Thunder has been released.

There are 40 New Quests for the Kart Driver and Derby Driver Jobs!

Free Realms is now offering players their own garages. Now you can store and tune up your rides as much as you’d like.

Steering, engine, turbo and tires are just some of the newest modifications available for your racing machine.
Mix and match until your car is revved up and ready to roll!

Full update notes for Speedway Thunder are on the website.

Bill Riddly’s Riddle Quest looks interesting too.

There is a great guide on the forums about how to make your level 50 angel wings.

You got 2 Wings to choose from, Angel Wings & Black Angel Wings.

You will need for both
Image Angel Wings Feather x3
Image Wool Cloth x40
Image Fairy’s Five Colored Skein of Thread x4

For Black wings you need “High Quality Opal x3”
For White wings you need “High Quality Sapphire x3”

The guide also explains what you need to make the ingredients and where they drop. Remember you need crafting to make the mats, so remember to practice your crafting.

The ingredients for this can also be farmed for sale, for those who do not want to collect all the ingredients.

LunaBR guide
Luna Online forum guide

Aion Beta 5 is starting tonight.

Thursday 30th noon PDT (8 PM BST, 9 PM CEST).

They are testing the new audio in this patch. I am interested in looking around the game some more. I have one character on each side past level 10, so I intend to level them both to 20 this time.

I already have a preorder so I am planning to use this time to see how I want to spend that first free month and if it will be likely that I will continue playing past that.

I don’t know what class I like best yet. Its very hard to tell what a class is like until after level 10 when you pick the subjobs.

I was trying to think what I liked best about aion. I like the art but not the outfits they put female characters in. I like the little details in the world. I find the main plot daft but I am interested in exploring it. I don’t mind the combat and find it challenging. I like the map system and the ability to find quest givers on the map. Perhaps I will see something this time that wins me to the game.

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I got this email in my mail today. Apparently I am invited to:

The Township Battles
1 Year Anniversary Celebration
Winning Guilds from Minor Township Battles Receive
10 Million Crones and 30 Mind & Body Stones
08/03/09 – 08/07/09

Looking at the link to the rohan forums. Its part of their pvp activities. I’m not so interested but others might be.

Its a pity the game is so grind heavy. Even the Rohan Priest Guides seems to back that up. I like some grind in a game, but I also like quests. I like being able to swap between them as my mood or time to play changes.

Maybe I should find some other players and stand behind them and heal them. Soloing as a priest in Rohan might not be the right way to play.

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From Free realms insider:

Laralyn also commented on the new August update up coming.

Quick chat will be translated quickly to the user’s language – so the chat functionality is a high priority right now and hopefully free chat and the filters will be reworked as well. According to Laralyn: “We have an update coming up that will, if you think about the summer event we just had, it had fireworks and outfits and that kind of stuff. We have another one of those coming up based on our big milestone in August, which is going international and the launch of Soccer.”.

The release planned for this week with the racing content has been delayed to next week due to bugs.

This interesting information was also mentioned

Those who have been following the lore and wondering what is next will be happy to hear the continuation of the questline “Chapter one” in the new area upcoming. Along with these updates “good” or “evil” will be added functioning much like a faction system. You will not need to “pick” a side, but supporting them by finishing a quest on either side.

MMOtaku reported on the European Atlantica Online Championship Set winners.

He mentioned

two players from Atlantica Online’s Delphi server—DaimonFrey and Baharia

Thats the server I play on. Both are polish players. Congrats winners! Good luck in the finals.

Also congrats to Xargrr who came in 18th. Great performance. I am sorry you are not in the finals.

Because apparently the gaming industry over and over again, says it does not want womens money. Which is funny since the majority of pc games are women and women make most of the decisions for household spending.

I just want to add my voice to this latest stupid decision by EA.

Your doing it wrong!

In case you haven’t noticed a huge amount of women game, a huge amount of women buy games for their kids. And if you don’t want their money, smarter companies will have it.

Its becoming more noticeable which companies get it, and which do not get it.

You see the games coming out with the very obviously sexist/racist issues. Or the companies saying terrible things.

And then you see the games doing it all right. I know who will be getting my money.

I love the new Ether Saga Undead fashions. I just wish they would make them a bit cheaper. There is also a new Mask of Misery.

They also added bunny emotes, which are cute.

There has also been some discussion about the PKing being turned off in the PVE realms. That would be good news. I hope they bring that in.

This was also linked to on the facebook page >< He may be on a boat.

I missed during my first play session that the character has different gear for when its a crafter or diplomat (and different levels) and also appearance slots. I like appearance slots. Its fun they give you them from level 1 like in Ether Saga.

Face and head are two different slots too rather than one. If you hover over the slot it tells you the name of that slot so you do not have to try to figure it out.

My sword also turns into a purple lightsaber (like the one in free realms) when I use one of my powers. I do like lightsabering the small monsters.

Looting is a bit annoying though. Most creatures do not have anything but its not smooth to loot, sometimes you end up clicking once or twice more than you need.

Crafting is complex. Again I found a vanguard crafting guide. Once I figured out with the use of the guide how to make the first recipe it became very fun and interesting.  Its like blacksmith in free realms. Its a whole job in itself with its own clothes and things to do.


I did the last quest I needed to get the sunshine title.

I had a lot of fun with the Lotro festival. I joined the Inn league after a heroic amount of tries. I got some items for my house from fishing and a fishing title. I won a pie eating competition. I gathered fish and fireworks from all over the lands.

I still havent figured out the dance competition so I have not earned any new dances yet. I won once in the races but I only entered once so thats pretty good.

I also spent some time in the shire, helping hobbits fight off wolves. All in all its been a lot of fun.

Playing this week

  • Guild Wars
  • Disgaia 3