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I read this on the new inventory system

You also have the option of seeing all your happiness items on one page. What’s even better is that you can arrange this page by order of smilies. Switch Fauna and the inventory will adjust to the new Fauna’s likes and dislikes!

Oh that helps a lot. Before I was searching randomly through the food and it took ages.

In the last patch,

Players can now recycle stacks of blocks/items while they are in edit mode in their Faunasphere
Per Community Request! Heatproof Genes are now available as a 1,000 Bux purchase in Mire Knoll.

Both which are also very helpful.

Big Fish Games Announces the launch of Faunasphere.

Try the game. Its brower based and very fun.

I started in the beta with a white Hoofer. As you play through the game, you get more types of Fauna and rarer colours and types.

You gather food, build them little homes and nests and fight pollution monsters. The community is lovely and the forums are super helpful. I also really like the art work.

The game is very collection based. You collect ideas which let you build things. You collect blocks that you can use to build your world. You collect foods that affected different fauna differently. You collect materials that can be used to build things that different fauna like. You collect fauna and evolve them by breeding them and feeding them certain things.

In the start of the game, in your own faunasphere (your home) you build a nest (so you can hatch eggs) and a den (for your first fauna to sleep in). The fauna that sleeps on the nest with the egg can be the same fauna or a different fauna than the one that laid the egg.

Depending on what faunas are involved and luck the child can have the same or different features.You want to breed better fauna and develop more colors.

Tried this yesterday. Cute!!!!!!
I don’t think I can say more than that yet.

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