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The new video for the next expansion in EVE.

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Party in free realms for thanksgiving on friday.

Friday November 27th
3pm PST
(U.S. and Latin America)
Server 1
9:00am PST / 6:00pm GMT
(UK and Europe)
Server 1

Also the Novembers member packs are out

Wanmei, the chinese website that has the chinese perfect world, has a radio station. Neat. So go check out perfect world radio. 🙂

You can also find cute wallpapers in the perfect world wallpaper section.

Looks cool. Video from Keen and Graev

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Mmotaku has pictures of the tideborn and commentary on the excitement of waiting for the tideborn expansion to hit. I look forward to his commentary when it hits his zone.

The dawn of the elementals expansion hit level up games perfect world this last monday. Perfect world china and perfect world international got this first under various names. Genies add a lot to the game and are fun.

Currently I am checking the Chinese sites for pictures 🙂 The chinese site (wanmei) has some great pictures of the tideborn in swimming form.

Apparently the chinese cosplayers are already in action too. If you have not seen the trailer it can be seen here.

Apparently the new little pink cow stalls (instead of the normal cat stall) I am seeing as I run around,  is due to a cash shop item that expands the contents of the stall. Its cute.

Extra XP’s in Rohan this week.

In the U.S., Thanksgiving Day is this week! To celebrate this holiday, we want to give thanks to our players by having a Holiday Increased EXP & Doorbuster Sale! For 5 days only, we’re increasing EXP and putting many of your favorite items on sale with a 20% to 50% discount!

Lots of discounts too if you are looking to buy something. They include a 20% discount on the mounts, 20% on pets, 20% on costumes and 50% on one of the bags.

Alganon is in open beta. They intend to go live in a week. If you want to try it and don’t want to pay, now is the time.



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