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Aion? No Perfect World.

Posted on: June 29, 2009

wings-perfect world

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Was flying around in my little cleric in Perfect World of the weekend.
I wanted to try the new genies. You can get the genie at level 1 from the watcher of earth.

The genie will level with you all the way to the current level cap of 105. As this character is a cleric either of the two popular genies will suit the character. The two most popular are Zeal (orange/yellow, starts with 15 MAG) and Discipline (white, starts with 15 VIT).

Depending on where you fighting and what class you are some of the skills change. Some attacks for example can only be used on the ground or in water.

To explain some mobs in Perfect world are in the air, some are in water and many are on the grounds. So whichever you pick there will be times some skills can not be used.

If you want another Genie you can buy one from the player shops or spend 3 mirage stones and select the “Summon Genie” option at the Watcher of the Earth NPC.

Reference that I found helpful.
Genie FAQ


1 Response to "Aion? No Perfect World."

I used to play Perfect World too and Aion is almost the same based on my POV. Aion is a promising game though it’s pay to play.

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